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You know that everybody hates feedback forms and nobody wants to complete a long and ugly one? That's why Tim came with a really light, beautiful and simple feedback form. You know that simple wins over complex. As Steve Jobsput it: “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

Tim thinks it's important to let your users know where they are while completing a feedback form and so, he added the steps number that allow the user to move quickly and sequentially through the categories. Even if you only have a 10 steps form, for a better UX it's good to inform your user about the length of the form.

Our recommendation is to keep the feedback form on a separate page, with no headers/menus/ads or other items that can distract the user from his completing flow.

Take it, integrate it in your next project and be happy!


Elena Conacel
  • owner

Looking for a feedback form? Try and use it!
Mar 17, 22:30

Travis Moks
  • purchased

yea, sure, i could use this
Mar 18, 13:53

Vincent Beauregard
  • purchased

This is looking so clean, I don't really like forms, neither my registered users, but they have to complete them when they finish an event. I will try this form idea and I hope I'll get a better feedback.
Mar 18, 17:46

Dani Fanton

didn't need one of these so far, but i'll keep it in mind!
May 04, 07:58

No Wa
  • purchased

Nice feedback form! ;-) But it (the live preview, I didn't tested this on my own server) didn't work with Mobile Chrome App on Android (latest version).
Jul 07, 12:28

Peter Bispham
  • purchased

Hi there, thanks for this form. Preview looks great on desktop but not working for me in Chrome browser on Android. Is this a known issue?
Mar 07, 21:19

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