15 Suprising Referral Marketing Statistics


Referral marketing is powerful. But you can only understand its power if you know the statistics that support it. Here are 15 interesting and surprising statistics that every marketer should know.  71% of consumers buy a product based on social media referrals.   How effective is referral marketing? This should answer your question. Your customers […]

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How to Increase Your Web Development Service Revenues Through Upselling

Most marketing campaigns focus on generating new leads and sales revenue. However, the cost of acquiring new customers can be up to five times higher than keeping your current customers happy. Like many entrepreneurs, web developers don’t often deal with sales figures and marketing. They prefer to focus on creating apps and websites for customers, […]

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Tips To Follow Before Going For A Developer Job

This 21st century is termed as digital age and rightly so as the technological advancements in this century are enormous. The demand for professionals in web application development is skyrocketed, and companies are always in search of talented developers. It provides a wonderful opportunity for newbie developers to pursue a developer job in a thriving industry. […]

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