Attract More Customers with These 5 Facebook Marketing Tips

Social media had been beneficial in the success of many businessmen. Whether you sell properties or offer food delivery, you can be absolute about gaining revenue. Facebook, being one of the most prominent social media platforms in the online industry, is the most viable avenue to run a business.  Although, some ways can be tedious […]

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Tips to Manage a Remote Development Team Efficiently

Software development can be challenging and time-consuming, requiring advanced technical skills and many hours of input. Yet, managing a remote development team can be even more challenging and time-consuming, with a lot of issues to deal with from communication and resource accessibility for individual team members to trust, reliability and more. Yet, a good number […]

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6 Questions You Should Answer Before Investing in the Mobile App for Your Startup

Serious employees discussing project

Is this a typical scenario? After outpacing the 9-5 grind with your burning passion for entrepreneurship, and keen knowledge regarding ecommerce and logistics, you decide to board the appreneurship – and with good reason. Since your niche market is crawling on the internet with the help of their Androids and iPhones, you decide to jump […]

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