Announcing Jobs by Creative Tim - The Platform for web professionals

Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of interest, technologies, and jobs built around the tech industry. From big companies to small, web career opportunities are as high as ever, and the demand continues to grow.

Knowing this and after years of working in web design, we wanted to continue creating tools and resources for people working in this field that will help them do their job easier. This is how the idea behind the jobs platform was born.

Jobs by Creative Tim is the newest jobs platform for the tech industry. Our aim is to build the Uber of web creators looking for their dreamt job or remote project. We invite the companies working in the web field to post their jobs/projects. To celebrate our launch, we've prepared a special offer for the job posting.

The Complete Roadmap for Becoming a Backend Developer: Step-By-Step Instructions

We are also welcoming the people who make the projects alive. The job application on our platform is totally free. You can browse your desired job from eight categories:

  • Software development;
  • Quality Assurance;
  • Data Science;
  • Design;
  • Product Management;
  • Marketing & Sales;
  • Network Administration;
  • Other.

Are you interested?

Let's beat the Job Search process! Try our platform now 🙌🏻