{ 7 Important Reasons } – Why Use WordPress For Your Website?

Among all the Content Management System, WordPress is a leader in the market that powers 35% of the internet in 2020, which has been increased by 2% as compared to 2019.  About 60% of the CMS built sites are from WordPress. More than 400 million people visit WordPress on a monthly basis.

Now, you must be thinking, why all this importance is given to WordPress?

Why shall I use WordPress for my website?

If you want to know answers for all the above questions, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will see important reasons explaining why one should use WordPress for a website.

WordPress is used by some of the top brands to power their sites. Few of them are Sony, Disney, Target, The New York Times, etc.

Reasons to use WordPress for your website :

1) Free and Flexible –

WordPress is free software, that means, you can easily download and install it. Using WordPress is very easy, and it allows you to modify as per your requirements. You are free to create any kind of website and can install different applications at any point of time. It is a robust tool that enables you to create and manage blogs, websites, personal sites, and even eCommerce stores. In case you are already using other web hosting types and want to install WordPress then refer this video to install it.

Watch video on how to install WordPress using Softaculous in cPanel :

Some hosting companies offers free Softaculous tools with their unlimited hosting plan.

2) Loaded with Themes and Plugins –

Not all WordPress users are programmers or web designers. The major portion of people are from a non-technical background, still, they start using WordPress without any prior website designing knowledge.  To start with, you are offered various themes (templates) that you can choose for your website.

You get an option to select a theme as per the website’s profession like EduExpert, AutoRepair, Photography, etc. This makes easy for users to make their choice. In the demo section, you can actually view how your site will look like, upon selecting any of the themes. As per the guidance, you can customize the site by uploading images, videos and other content to the site, also you are allowed to change the background, create beautiful sliders and modify as per the requirements.

Just like themes, there are plugins available for you to use. Like: WooCommerce plugin in WordPress allows you to convert any type of site into an eCommerce site.

3) WordPress is Secure and Safe –

WordPress is developed by keeping security in mind and is considered as the safest platform to run a website. The WordPress staff constantly works on the safety issue by updating new plugins to keep hackers away. Due to its popularity, it attracts hackers and other cyber-criminals. So, as a user, you can consider the WordPress hosting from a trusted provider. Hosting providers mainly takes the responsibility of protecting your website from all types of malware.

4) WordPress is Search Engine Friendly –

Do you want to rank easily on the search engine? Then, WordPress is a must.

WordPress is SEO friendly, which means, it is loved by search engines likes Google and Bing, and they rank WordPress sites higher. The reason behind it is, the CMS framework makes easy for the search engines’ spiders to crawl WordPress sites. After all, WordPress is created using high-quality codes and produces semantic markup which is liked by all search engines.

5) WordPress is Mobile friendly –

You must be knowing, that Google penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly by ranking them lower on the search result pages. With WordPress, you don’t need to worry about this, as all the WordPress sites can easily be accessed on mobiles, tablets, and desktops, as most of the themes are automatically responsive. For themes that aren’t responsive on mobile, WordPress provides them an option to be viewed in a “mobile view” format.

6) Social Media is integrated on WordPress –

If you have a WordPress site, then people can easily post comments on your site through their personal social network accounts. It makes easy for people on social media to find and interact with you using accounts that are already in use.

7) WordPress allows adding Testimonials –

Adding testimonials on blogs/websites is considered as the best advertisement technique. WordPress offers several plugins that make it easy to publish customer testimonials and reviews. testimonials and reviews.  You also get an option to use widgets to display reviews about your business on a scroll.

WordPress is an open-source platform coded by innovative developers. It keeps improving year by year as developers add new features, creates new plugins and programs new customized features.

Closure :

WordPress can be used by any type and size of business without any hassle. It is a powerful content management system that offers some great ready to use themes and plugins. If you are not using WordPress website, then you must consider all the above points to make your working easy.

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