Effective Instagram Marketing Tips That Increases Brand Authority in 2019

The year is about to end, and when 2019 comes, you should make it a point to beef up marketing strategies that work. Among those that you should effectively tap is Instagram marketing.

Instagram brings you over 1 billion users around the world, and at the same time being recognized as being the most engaging among social media sites, there’s no question that you should learn to maximize its proper use.

Here are some of the most effective Instagram marketing tips that you should make sure to practice this coming year:

Turn your Instagram account into a business profile

The first step that you should take in coming up with a powered-up Instagram marketing campaign is ensuring that your brand is on a business profile. This opens features that are otherwise not available to personal accounts such as publishing advertisements and having access to analytics that is built into the platform.

To be able to do this, go to Instagram then go to settings and select the “Switch to Business Profile” option then follow the rest of the instructions. It will, however, require you to connect to a business page on Facebook so make sure you have that set up as well.

Launch new products using Instagram TV (IGTV)

In June of 2018, Instagram has launched Instagram TV or IGTV, a standalone app that was made for long-form, vertical videos. While IGTV is a separate platform, the videos can be linked to Instagram and can even be viewed on desktop or shared by its link.

Take a look at how MAC leverages the use of IGTV on launching their new product:

IGTV is a new way to engage your audience, and you can enjoy the efforts of Instagram itself to boost the use of this new service by showing relevant IGTV videos right upon opening the feed. With this, there is more likelihood that your IGTV campaigns would reach your desired audience.

Connect to a broader audience with IG Stories

Another feature that you should work on is Instagram Stories. Strategically located on top of a user’s timeline, it’s among the first things that your audience will see. Instagram Stories is a highly-engaging Instagram feature, and with enough creativity, you will be able to maximize the attention given to it by your target audience.

Some of the ways that you can make use of IG Stories is announcing upcoming sales, featuring interviews, broadcasting behind-the-scenes, and taking your audience to special events.
IG stories stay on for only 24 hours. And while to some, that may be quite the deal breaker, the best mindset for it is that you should consider that this is like a scheduled TV program.  When done right, you can have your audience coming back for more.

Take advantage of AR filters

Earlier this year, Instagram has released filters that were made through partnerships with Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Buzzfeed, Vogue, and NBA. This allows their fans to have some creative way to engage with them. This opens up opportunities to creatively engage your fans, as Instagram now opens the door for the creation of custom AR filters through third-party partnerships.

If you can do this, you may be able to offer unique ways to engage your brand’s fans. For example, Kylie Cosmetics allowed its fans to try out their lipsticks through the use of an AR filter. Depending on what products you have, you can come up with similar campaigns, allowing you to provide a unique experience to your fans.

Utilizing story shopping features

Aside from crafting original IG stories, there are new features that are added to help businesses further. One of which is the use of the shopping sticker for IG stories. Once your account has been approved for shopping on Instagram, you may add a shopping sticker on your stories. If your audience taps on it, they can find more information about the product. A second tap will lead them to purchase.

This sales-centric feature helps you put your products on another channel and an engaging one at that.

Work with targeted influencers for a broader reach

Working with influencers is nothing new. But this is something that remains relevant today and is expected to be so in 2019. The key is to find the most suitable partner that not only have decent followers but one who can best represent your brand. Always be sure that your chosen partner or partners carry the same values that your brand have as he or she will be the face that your brand will be associated with.

Create and utilize sponsored ads

You may choose to boost some of your posts through the use of sponsored ads. You can choose your best organic posts then you can pay for your post to be shown to more users than ever before, allowing it to reach a wider audience. Sponsored posts look the same as regularly paid ads only that the former started as an organic post.

What’s excellent about sponsored ads is that it allows you to select the age, location, and interests of people to whom your ad would be shown. This targeted approach help make your ad more efficient, and more likely to bring about positive results.

Monitor your IG performance using the right metrics

Finally, in 2019, make sure that you put your analytics to the proper use. Track your IG campaigns’ performance on key areas such as they effectivity in improving the number of Instagram followers, in engaging your audience, and in improving conversion. Explore your way around IG insight, as well as other social media tools that can comprehensively check your campaigns’ performance.

Be ready with your IG marketing in 2019

2019 is fast approaching. And when it does, it opens up new challenges for businesses. It also opens up new opportunities that you can tap. Make sure that you be ready for it by utilizing tools that can help you achieve your goals. With the right use of Instagram, it may just be one of the best tools you can have. With the tips above, you will be able to make the most out of your Instagram Marketing campaign.

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Kevin Urrutia is the Founder of Voy Media, an Instagram Marketing Agency in NYC. Voy Media is excellent in aiding businesses to unlock the potentials of Instagram Advertising in order to maximize their sales and conversions. Kevin crafts tailor-fit solutions for each client, effectively delivering game-changing outcomes.

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