Parents’ Guide to Omegle Teens – Stranger Danger

There are so many social media websites out there. Your children won’t want to use the ones you’re on, feeling like you’re constantly watching over their shoulder. It’s not surprising then that many are turning to new social media sites, some of which you may have never heard of. It’s important to stay up to date with the latest social media trends, and one of those is Omegle.

Omegle is known as a “chatroulette” website. Yes, that’s exactly as it sounds. Your teen or tween can be connected to absolutely anyone else on the app to chat with, and the other person is highly likely to be a stranger.

It’s a scary thought that your child is online talking to someone they and you don’t know. After all, this stranger could be anyone, so you need to make sure you can keep your children safe even if it means spying on them.

Predators Have Been Known to Use the Site

 Omegle is upfront about the biggest danger for your child. Your worst nightmare is known to be on the site: predators. Because of the anonymity and ability to connect with strangers, predators feel like they can connect with impressionable tweens and teens.

It’s essential that you have the Stranger Danger talk. This isn’t about not taking candy from them or getting in a car with them. You need to help your child understand the type of words that are and aren’t okay to be used. It’s essential that your child understands the possible questions that a stranger can ask and those that are not safe to answer.

Omegle says that people are free to leave a chatroom whenever they want. Let your child know they can do this if they ever feel uncomfortable. However, it could be worth telling them to leave the chat open and find a trusted adult who can then step into the conversation.

Avoid Revealing Personal Information

 Chatting to strangers can offer a good way to build confidence and some online social skills. That doesn’t mean your child should share any personal information. It’s essential that you have this discussion. Omegle even says that users shouldn’t share any personal information. Don’t let the stranger know who you really are. This is a place to remain anonymous.

You also do not want your children arranging meetings in person. There shouldn’t be any need to swap email addresses or phone numbers.

Skip the Video

 While Omegle says that the video aspect of the chat is monitored, there have been some serious incidents. Make sure your children avoid all video contact. This is the safest thing for them by helping them remain anonymous.

If they accidentally open the video, it is possible to close it right away. Some will decide to break your rules, so they need to know that they can come to you if the stranger asks them to perform any inappropriate acts.

Omegle can be a fun way for people to build confidence in chatting with others. However, there are certainly some dangers to the site. By knowing them, you can help to keep your children safe.

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