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Why a Shift Towards Online Exams is A Norm

Online exams are the future of education. With technology setting up new benchmarks the idea of paper along with pen is slowly losing out on its sheen and a newer form of advanced online examinations is taking over. The concept of scalability, wide reach and security make it one of the most sought out exams at a global level.

Online exams pretty much as the name stands relies on the internet to conduct exams. Here the candidates are evaluated on a fully automated system. An easy to use interface is supported not only for the test takers but even the conductors of the test. In fact, the concept of generating immediate results is a much sought out feature that saves time.

A major point of consideration is that the traditional system of paper and pen is bound to lose its value. The online industry is growing at a rampant pace. People might think about why all of a sudden it has gone on to become famous. They cannot be termed as mere fools and without any valid reason, they might not shift to something blindly. A lot of factors have a role, as it could be a convenience, reachability, customization that has important roles to play.

To establish evaluation methods is slowly touching its limits, and in the days to come, they might become obsolete, and if we are not planning to change, slowly we might not be left with anything behind. A revolution has gone on to begin in the manner by which people perceive learning and in the coming days, the trends will emerge in full force. Now you have to change in order to survive.

It has been widely anticipated that soon technology would go on to take the educational sector. Now, why should this not be the case as it goes on to provide numerous advantages? Still, everyone does have their own set of doubts and the onus would be to address them. Moreover, we need to figure out how online exam has taken over the system of education. Even you might across the challenges that are faced by the groups.

The Grey Areas

All of us are screaming at the back of our voices that we need a system that confers faith in online exams. Most of us have gone on to lose confidence in the traditional pen and paper exams that no longer seem to be a fit. This has even spread to such levels that our confidence in schools and even the entire educational system has had a major issue.

An ideal example in this regard would be the universities. Every year they are flooded with thousands of applications where candidates go on to apply for a course. The concept of conducting written tests works out to be a costly affair. Not only a lot of time along with resources is spent in conducting exams, but you also have to make arrangements of the conductors who conduct the exam as they have to proctor off the far-off locations.

The institutions are confronted with major challenges to tackle the financial burden that comes with the traditional deal of paper and pen. No one would want to disrupt the college life of students so as to make them part of a paper and pen exam.

Just imagine the situation of the universities during the exam time. Not only they have to evaluate the mark sheets of the students but even they have to organize the examinations in a smooth and hassle-free manner. To accommodate plenty of students on to an exam hall, availing the help of invigilators so as to conduct the exam and even to get the result out is a difficult task.

Revaluation is another area to be addressed as students are not satisfied with their answer scripts and want it to be checked all over again. This goes on to become an additional burden for the students and a question mark over the ability of teachers is put forth.

The Reasons for a shift to Online based Exams:

  • Reduction on the logistics front- Online exams overcome the challenges of setting up a physical-based exam across locations. This does help to minimize the resources, the cost of setting up human proctors but in a way is going to speed up the entire process of examinations. All the more so in universities where applications can be screened with minimal efforts. The entire idea to conduct online exams ensures to be a smooth and hassle-free process
  • Accessibility in terms of remote areas – Online exams have set up new barriers across locations. With a global assessment solution, educational institutions can set up exams in any remote corner of the world. In order to conduct a test, you are not going to need anything more than an internet connection which means that the exam can be conducted in order to target anyone.
  • Scalable – Online exams have the ability to scale a large audience and even it is possible to manage a major chunk of content. For an educational hub that suffers paucity in time, an online exam is a one-stop solution for your needs. Just you need a computer with an internet connection along with a webcam so as to conduct the exams.
  • Goes on to support all creation and content- You can maybe think that online content is a way to figure out opportunities but what about the content it formulates. Some of you might be under the opinion that online exams support multiple question types and this could be a platform that can run on any source. The key is to just perform and keep things documented on paper and pen.


From the above discussion, it has become easy to figure out that online exam software is the future. It is anticipated that the aptitude levels of a candidate can be found out by these exams. Such types of exams provide much-needed flexibility for both students and teachers.

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