Step-By-Step Guide to Create A Successful Blog

Do you always aspire to run a blog, but you are stuck on how to come up with one of your own? On this guide below, I am going to give you what you need to know to have an authentic blog. I will take you through all the steps From the beginning to the end.

Beginner’s guide: how to create a successful blog

Step 1: Decide What You’ll Blog About

Before you get your blog, the most crucial part is, do you know the purpose of having the blog? Blogging needs to fun and enjoyable. Settle for something that won’t strain you at all. Pick something that fires you up day today. Blog about what you love most.

Step 2: Choose Your Blogging Platform.

A platform refers to the system to use in blogging. The following are some of the blogging platforms:

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Strikingly

To be able to run a blog, you need to have a blogging system from one of the blogging platforms mentioned above. If you want to venture deep into blogging, I firmly recommend not to use free blogging platforms like Wix or Weebly. Instead, is responsive, accessible, and easy to use a blogging platform for an excellent blog.

Step 3: Choose Your Host

Our recommended blog platform is WordPress. There is a need to select a company to host your blog. All the features of your blog, the videos, pictures, files need to be stored safely to avoid other people from accessing them. Precisely, that is what is a blog hosting in simple terms. A perfect host gives you an SSL certificate that can script your website with the HTTPS, an acronym for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The significance of the license is to ensure, the communication between your site and users is secure and encrypted.

Step 4: Select Your Hosting Package.

At this point, you already decided on the host for your blog. The next step is to pick a hosting “package,” which refers to all the features you want for your blog. Hosting package will vary depending on how you want to use your platform often. For a start, a basic package is ideal for the time being. Be able to verify the SSL certificate from your host. It is essential to help encrypt the communication within the blog. SSL certificate is not a big deal nowadays as you can get a cheap SSL certificate that has excellent features like 24/7 support email, high levels of SSL security up to almost 256-bit encryption. It is also issued immediately after purchase.

Step 5: Select Your Domain Name

A domain name refers to a name that users try to visit in browsers. For example, or A domain name is simply a house address for the internet. Several important factors must be put in place when selecting a domain name:
Make it short, precise, and straightforward.

Don’t go for a name that is like an already existing blog or website.
The name should be easy to recall and express as a brand.

Step 6: Install WordPress

In our case, our preferred blogging platform is WordPress. After choosing the name of your domain, let’s get ready to install WordPress. Notably, if your hosting does not provide one-click hosting, it is advisable to reconsider to look for another hosting package. The thing is, we want to use the simplest ways to create a blog without much confusion.

Step 7: Design Your Blog

At this point, things get fun and exciting. It is an ideal time to change the way your blog is designed. First things first, let us pick a catchy theme for the blog. The theme determines how the blog looks like, how the menu is going to look like as well. Surprisingly, there are plenty of themes to fit any personality. Are you going to blog about technology, football, cars, or food? Worry not, there is a perfect theme depending on what you decide your blog is going to be used for at the end.

Step 8: Security

Security is also an essential part of your blog as Google has pushed HTTPS concept in last few years. Many bloggers have adopted a single domain SSL certificate for blog security. However, it is recommended to use a wildcard  SSL certificate when it is a question of securing multiple subdomains. It also has an unlimited server license with 99 % web and browser compatibility.

Step 9: Start Blogging

It is now time to get down on real business. Your blog is correctly set up, ready for use. The fire is burning within your eyes, eager to get work done. Most bloggers begin within a burst only to end up losing it. A word of encouragement is to let inspire you to keep doing what you do best. The more you blog, the quality of your work increases. You will also get more traffic in terms of people visiting your blog.

Step 10: Get People to Read Your Blog

After publishing your blog posts, it is time to let the world read your work. What’s the point of writing something good, and no one gets to read about it? You should share your blog on social media and get the traffic to your blog. Have a list of emails subscribed to your blog. Most people must check their emails every time and then, which makes it an ideal place to get people to read your work.


In every game, we have lots of players, different input, and effort. The difference only comes in on matters concerning consistency. How consistent are you as a blogger? You want to be a top five-star blogger. Keep at it after a week, months and months. It is worth the course.

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