Steps To Grow Your Clothing Line On Instagram

Growing an online clothing line can take a fair bit of effort, however it’s worth it and can allow you to reap huge rewards. Here are some steps to do so.


Use High-Quality Pictures Of Your Products

When posting pictures of your products, you want to showcase them in real-life settings.  You need to choose the right models for the pictures as well as the right environment for where your clothing should be worn.  An example of this will be shoes, the Orthotic Shop would feature photos of a person wearing them in the appropriate scenario.


Use The Right Hashtag

You need to do some research and find the hashtags that for your target market and industry.  While there are no direct indicators telling you which demographic of users are using a single hashtag, there are free analytics telling you about the demographics of your followers.  Using this free Instagram analytics tool in the app will tell you whether you are attracting the right people.  If you need to find popular hashtags, there are some tools and guides that you can use.


Have A Compelling Caption

While an image is worth a thousand words, a compelling caption will make the image more effective.  When you write the caption, you need to use action words like tag a friend or double-tap.  This will drive engagement on your posts which helps you get more attention.


Invest In Video Content

Pictures are not enough for good marketing on Instagram.  You need to invest in a video strategy that covers stories, Instagram live and video posts.  If you want to be successful on Instagram, you need to create a relationship with your followers and videos are one of the best ways to do this.


Tag Product Links On Your Posts

Some US Instagram users are able to tag product links directly in their post and you might be able to.  This is similar to tagging users and people who are interested in your products will be able to easily navigate to the product pages.  This will help with conversions as they are taken to your website.  This feature is still being rolled out and only available for eligible and approved businesses which means you might not be able to use it.


Engage With Any Potential Customers

Users who follow you are all potential customers that you can reach out to for a cold sale.  Like their photos and comment to build a relationship with them.  You can then close the sale by providing them with a special discount for being a valuable Instagram follower.


Run A Contest

The purpose of running a contest is not to drive sales.  You are looking to increase the awareness of your clothing brand.  The contest needs to generate some hype around your products and increase the likelihood of people sharing with a friend.  This is the best way to get word of mouth referrals which is the most influential and effective marketing techniques out there.


Reach Out To Some Influencers

You need to create a strategy to work with influencers to help promote your product.  You should reach out to people and build a connection before you try sending them samples or products.  This helps you see if there is a mutual fit between your brand and the influencer while working out a compensation agreement.

A study posted by has some interesting information about working with influencers that you should know about.  This study showed that the average price per post is $271 and the average follow count for an influencer is 63,000.  If the influencer has fewer than 1,000 followers, they charge an average of $82.60 per post and accounts with 100,000 followers or more charge an average of $763 per post.

If you do not have the budget to pay for these posts, you need to find ways to fill the void.  You could try compensating influencers with a percentage of sales or give them early access to any new products you have.


Become An Influencer

If you want to be successful, you need to be an expert in your industry.  You can build authority with a blog and by participating in local events related to your industry.  You have to invest in your brand because it is as important as investing in your products.


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