WordPress for Students: Best Online Courses of the Year

With its wide range of tools, WordPress helps students to create their own websites and publish online. Thanks to its functionality, it can serve both beginners and advanced users. If you have zero knowledge of running a website, the basic pack of features will work for you. Yet, as you become more confident in your skills, you are free to explore customization. This will help you to impress your teacher and fellow students with a unique and authentic blog.

WordPress is accessible, but it is not the easiest system to grasp. You need to invest some time and effort into learning its basics. There are a lot of courses that provide help to students who want to learn WordPress. We will have a look at the most relevant options but first, let’s discuss what benefits students get using WordPress in their studies.

Why Do Students Need WordPress?

The education system aims to switch from conventional teaching methods to modern practices. This often involves digital tools and platforms. Writing a blog post and posting it on a college or school website becomes a common task. Some teachers are more creative and go further, asking students to make their own blogs and websites. Raymond Miller, a writer at DoMyEssay, emphasizes that publishing writing assignments on personal blogs make education more interactive. Students can share relevant information and learn from each other. This gives an immediate boost to productivity and teamwork.

WordPress allows students to create a personalized online platform, such as a blog or portfolio. It gives space to creativity as they have full control over their projects. The variety of formats and themes only helps them to express their thoughts conveniently. It turns boring academic assignments into creative activities. The only limitation is the level of one’s WordPress skills, but students can easily overcome it by enrolling in online courses.

Top 7 Online WordPress Courses

Let’s see the most efficient courses available online and discuss what you can anticipate after enrolling.


udemy webdev course

Udemy is one of the most popular platforms with WordPress courses. They have gathered educators with lessons on everything from plugins and themes to security and commerce. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert; you will find something interesting to learn.

Their courses are available not only in English but also in a large number of other languages. Both free and paid courses offer practice, exercises, and quizzes. So there is no discord between the theoretical and practical parts. Ratings and reviews on Udemy will help you to choose the course that will suit your needs. Besides, the service offers a money-back guarantee.

LinkedIn Learning

linkedin learning

LinkedIn Learning helps people to build skills in different educational areas, including web building with the use of WordPress. What is peculiar about the platform is that they offer access to all their resources once you have subscribed. Besides, LinkedIn Learning gives a free month trial. Thus, you can try different tutorials and courses and find the impeccable option that would work best for you. Yet, you may not benefit from a monthly subscription plan if you are interested only in completing one short course.

Today there are 2,104 courses, videos, and programs that teach WordPress. You can customize the learning process according to your needs and schedule. You are free to choose the necessary level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and lesson duration. We have noticed that most of them are quick yet informative. The majority of courses have an overview, transcript, and previews of the video tutorials, so you know what to expect even if you have no prior online learning experience.


yoast course

In dogged pursuit of WordPress skills, you can try Yoast. Why do we recommend it to students? Yoast has a basic free course, which covers the process of launching and maintaining a website. It will explain the process of creating engaging content and making it eye-catching. You will also get lucid instructions on how to structure the pages of your blog and add useful widgets. The course even discusses WordPress as a community with its philosophy and benefits for users.

The basic course is suitable for beginners as it does not contain any too elaborate terms or guidelines. So if you want to create your first website as a school project or portfolio, consider giving it a go. Yet, if you are interested in additional information, you can try their premium courses. They are not cheap, but it is a good investment in your personal and professional growth.

HubSpot Academy

hubspot web design course

Seeking a quick and efficient solution, try WordPress courses on HubSpot Academy. Currently, they present only five lessons on web building without coding skills. The platform is suitable for beginners. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for free lessons. It implies that after the process of registration, you will obtain access to the whole collection of their lessons and short tutorials. The website does not have an abundant range of options, as one may notice. Yet, the quality of the courses looks trustworthy. Explanatory lessons are laconic and informative.

The duration of each video tutorial varies: it takes from 5 minutes to an hour. The longer lessons contain not only videos but also quizzes. Thus, you will have an opportunity to check your comprehension of the demonstrated material. However, short lessons seem superficial and cannot provide a sufficient range of topics. Note that this platform will be beneficial mainly for beginners. It will give you a clear understanding of WordPress’s basics and teach you how to work with themes and plugins. However, you should choose other courses if you want to learn more advanced topics, such as commerce or security.   

WP Apprentice

wordpress apprendice

WP Apprentice can surprise you with an ample range of topics and materials on WordPress as their course contains 65 lessons. As you can see, it is not the shortest path to your goal. Yet, mastering a certain skill always requires time and dedication. WP Apprentice offers a monthly pass to all courses and lessons at a relatively low price. If you are a beginner or an intermediate-level user, this service will offer you an exhaustive and comprehensive guide. Yet, advanced users are not likely to find anything new to learn. 

The service claims that they are continuously working on updating the content of their courses. So, you will get up-to-date information, which is of primary importance in the sphere of web building where trends are constantly changing. You can check the course curriculum on their website. It presupposes guidance starting from the setup of WordPress and until the final result. You will appreciate the practical direction of the courses with no tortuous rules. Besides, WP Apprentice offers live coaching through video calls where you can get your questions answered by an expert. The course is suitable for launching your first website for school assignments, but you will have to make some investments.


skillshare course

You must have heard a lot about SkillShare, which has gathered popular educators and influencers worldwide to offer you quality online education. On this platform, you can find more than 500 videos related to WordPress. All of them are created by different experts in the sphere of web building. The good news is that there are more than 50 free options. Being able to save some money when still getting quality content is a great combination for any student. However, if you decide to become a member, you will get unlimited access to all their classes.

When choosing a suitable course, you can filter offers by class duration, which is helpful when you do not have a lot of time because of the tons of other school assignments. Besides, you will also see the number of students currently enrolled in each course. The reviews, live discussions from students as well as open course curricula, are also available. It will help you to make the right choice in the abundance of courses, topics, and educators. The selection may take a lot of time, considering they do not have any level filter.


Coursera web dev course

Coursera has long been famous for its eminent courses on diverse topics, including WordPress. They target both undergraduate and graduate students, helping them to boost their erudition. The courses are translated into several languages, so do not worry if your mother tongue is other than English. Another advantage is the division of lessons into four levels of complexity.

You can also select the skills you want to focus on and the preferred duration of lessons, which ranges from several minutes to hours. Ratings and reviews are available for every course listed on their website. The majority of courses are supported by well-known educational institutions. This makes Coursera reliable and trustworthy for both students and educators. Thus, their certificates are highly valued and will become a good addition to your CV.

To Sum Up

At first sight, WordPress may seem enigmatic, but it is a common misconception. You do not even need coding skills to use it for launching your website. We assure you that anyone can learn how to work with it when he or she has the right motivation to accomplish this goal. Enrolling in online courses is an easier way of mastering WordPress than clambering through it on your own. Do not trust the equivocal opinions that building your own website is too complicated. You can certainly do it with the right course, so do not hesitate and explore the options from our list.

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