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8 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Local SEO Strategy

Statistics reveal that 50% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphones go to the store on the same day. Thus, finding ways to enhance your local Search Engine Optimization strategy is vital to make your website easier to discover by nearby prospective customers than those that are miles away. This approach helps you to outsmart your competitors by ranking you at the top in local search results and hence encourage more visitors to go to your site. Here are 8 simple tips to enhance your local SEO strategy;


1.Create your Google My Business(GMB) profile and optimize it

Creating a profile for free is the first action because GMB is the biggest driver of searches in your locality. It lists your business such that it appears when people search for businesses such as yours near them. You must be the owner for you to claim a business profile, and hence you will have to provide your address as well as your street location name. This information helps Google to determine the legitimacy of your operation. Next, you will need to provide verified information, briefly describe your business, categories, the link to your website, client feedback, and your work hours. Make sure to upload your company logo and at least 3 photos of your business, products or services to make your listing appealing. Check for duplicate page listings and remove them to promote accurate local searches.


2. Research on local keywords

Knowing the words that are popularly searched in your location helps you to develop the keywords that are relevant to your local customer base and facilitate quick visibility of your site. Take advantage of Google Adwords Keyword Planner to establish your local SEO keywords that target your local customer base. The established keywords should appear in your site’s meta content, copy, headers, and URLs.


3. Create high-quality local content

Never forget that Google values high-quality content most. Thus, providing the material that directly relates to your local customer base has positive impacts on your local SEO strategy. This content could include local news, stories, activities, and events. Create quality, relevant content for your site and optimize it with a customized meta title that is attractive to your local visitors.


4. The information on your site should be accurate, in text form and consistent

Ensure the information listed on your GMB page and on your website is correct and accurate. Also, you should register your business name, physical address and phone number in the text form instead of images. This makes it easy for Google to verify the information for legitimacy. Improve your local SEO rankings by ensuring the information listed on your GMB page is 100% consistent with that on your other online business platforms.


5. Encourage customer reviews

Google likes credible businesses. One of the factors that build business credibility is customer reviews. Though they are hard to get at first, there is no other way to go around it if you wish to improve your local SEO and encourage more local viewers to buy from you. Request the customers who visit your store for reviews either by email, phone calls or personally. Encourage genuine reviews by providing constructive and sincere feedback to visitors regardless of whether their business reviews are negative or positive. Do not use fake reviews or offer incentives to viewers to get positive business reviews.


6. Acquire relevant inbound links

Google views inbound links to your site as a sign of your company’s legitimacy. The more your website gets quality and relevant links from other websites, the more Google improves your visibility on local searches. You can attain this by making use of personal networks, sponsoring events in your local community or building relationships with influencers and prominent people. Producing quality content also entices other websites to link to your site.


7. Make use of social media

Businesses with a social media presence rank top on search results and get high-quality backlinks. Social networks are effective if you want to get reviews and boost the exposure of your site. Share your GMB profile on social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Ensure the information you provide is consistent in all platforms. Encourage people within your location to check your social profile by listing it as a local business.


8. Make your website mobile friendly

90% of searches are conducted on mobile phones. Most local customers will use their phones to check reviews, learn about your business, or to find directions to your location. Mobile responsive sites rank top on Google search results, and hence you should create a mobile-friendly site and optimize it with speed and quality local content.

Final words

Optimizing your site for local searches might seem difficult and time-consuming, but it is the only way to stay visible online and rank top on search results. Though Google algorithm change and adjust all the time, utilizing these simple tips will help to establish a firm foundation for your business on SERPs.

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