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9 Hacks To Improve Leads With Email Marketing

“One qualified email address is worth more than 50 Facebook Likes.”


The mastermind behind this beautiful quote might not be found on the web, but this statement is intense and powerful. In an era where the audience is surrounded by many digital platforms that are even more spontaneous, is email marketing somewhere losing its significance? Well, the question is debatable but we have tried to answer it as precisely as possible. So, why wait? Let’s get rolling.


According to the Episerver report on digital commerce, conversion rates for emails are higher than other major traffic sources such as social media, search, and direct traffic. This isn’t the only study showcasing the potential emails still own but the trick lies in stepping-up your email marketing game plan and makes it work. 


So, let’s begin the journey and get an idea of how you can refine your email marketing strategy to connect with targeted prospects and generate quality leads.

How Would You Define Email Marketing In The Contemporary Dynamic Web Landscape?

Email marketing is the art that lets you connect with your potential and existing customer base with the help of targeted commercial messages. The primary objective of this marketing technique is to build brand awareness and long-term relationships with your end-users. But the age of personalization has made it even tougher to build effective marketing strategies as it has become all about keeping your customers hooked-on without sounding too promotional.

As per the Consumer Email Tracker Report from the DMA (2019), some of the most popular reasons that trigger customers to unsubscribe a brand are stuffing inboxes with too many emails, irrelevant information, and unfamiliarity with the brand. These facts verify that you need to be extra cautious when developing an email marketing policy for your online store or business as a careless attitude can land you in users’ spam folders.

Is There Any Way To Fix Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing can easily help you in grabbing and retaining targeted customers but there is a need to refine your strategy and make it more relevant and updated. Let’s explore a couple of email marketing hacks that could trigger a higher click-through rate and open the doors for more conversions by letting you connect with quality prospects.

Leveraging Email Automation Smartly

Ascend2 “Marketing Technology Utilization Survey” (2019) revealed marketing wizards consider automation (email and CRM) as two of the most effective promotional techniques. Also, email automation has become the new black in the digital advertising landscape as it helps marketers in:


  • Saving time and energy 
  • Creating tailored survey templates
  • Customizing emails with the help of personalization
  • Sending emails round the clock


However, still many marketers struggle with finding the right automation tools, integrating personalization, and deliverability issues, etc. These pain points can be fixed with the help of a few best practices such as:


  • Setting up a drip campaign to connect with the targeted prospects based on their specific actions or timelines. Such a strategy helps you to move the leads further down the sales funnel and achieve a conversion.

  • Using dynamic content to make your emails even more engaging and interesting. This involved customizing your email body based on the receivers’ past actions which makes them feel that the message is sent specifically to serve their purpose and it’s not generic or a bulk mail.

Integrating Personalization With A Twist

Everyone in the digital marketing niche understands the importance of personalized messages but how many of us use it in the right manner is the real question that needs to be addressed immediately. You can start the voyage to personalization success with Noupe and getting an idea of who your targeted audience is with the help of creating buyer personas.

Once that’s created, you can easily craft personalized email copies that can be sent to your targeted audience. But is this enough to translate the leads into customers? No, so it would be better to add a couple of insights that can make your personalization even better:


  • Be specific and conversational
  • Opt for crisp and brief messages as no one would read lengthy emails
  • Add personal stories associated with your brand or some anecdotes to make your emails engaging
  • Cherry-pick the right words and stay away from using jargons
  • Avoid making big or fake-looking promises in your email as these can annoy your receivers big time.


Bonus Tip:

Personalizing the subject lines is equally important to tailoring your email body as these lines can encourage readers to open the email and read it till the end. So, make sure to leverage sensory and power words for optimizing these lines because Optimonster says:

Ideally, your email copy should be and able to evoke a sense of urgency and curiosity in the readers. Along with customizing the subject lines, you must nail the preview text that helps the reader get a better idea of what the email is all about.


Therefore, tailoring email bodies by using concise language and appropriate tone is crucial. Also, never forget to A/B test your email copies so that there are no typos or other errors that can kill the reader’s experience.

Offloading Should Be Your Key To Boosting Response Rates

According to Corey Dilley who is functioning as the Marketing Manager at Unblounce, “Unbounce’s email list is the biggest asset we have for driving new acquisitions.” He thinks that emails are better than even blogs or tweets as they let a brand connects with its targeted audience in a creative and personalized manner.


But does that mean maintaining a bigger email list is the key to getting more subscriptions? No, it’s not at all a good idea to keeping thousands of email addresses in your database where half of them aren’t even relevant now. So, getting rid of inactive or spam email receivers at regular intervals of time is the best way to keep your list updated always. Cutting the dead weight helps in:

  • Reaching out to the people who matter
  • Increases the opening and click-through rates of your emails
  • Generate the buzz in the right niche that helps in building brand awareness and establishing authority

Nothing Could Be Think Of Without Prioritizing The Mobile-First Approach

As per Litmus “State Of Email Engagement Report, 2019”, 42% of all emails get opened on smartphones and tablets which means that optimizing your emails for mobile devices is unskippable.

But what to add in your email marketing arsenal? Here’s a quick-win list:

  • Optimized images for providing receivers with a seamless experience on mobile devices
  • The pre-header text is a must-have
  • Upfront CTAs and concise copy
  • Leveraging whitespace smartly
  • Avoid very tiny fonts and start using responsive HTML email templates to make your emails even better for mobiles
  • Test your email copies on multiple devices before hitting the “SEND” button
  • Keep the width of your email less than 600 pixels
  • Don’t stack links and leverage single-column templates for uninterrupted reading


There are a plethora of email marketing software solutions in the market offering a range of mobile-friendly email templates that can be customized and sent easily. Let’s take a glimpse of one such responsive email template optimized for mobile devices showcased in one of the recent Lyfemarketing’s blogs:

Make The Targeted CTA THE “REAL HERO” Of Your Emails

The call-to-action button (CTA) is the trigger point that encourages readers to take the action that you want them to. So, ideally, it’s one of the most important elements in your email and hence should be dealt with utmost caution.


Several factors should be considered when integrating these buttons but a couple of the most important ones are:


  • The number of buttons to be added to your emails and their precise placement is the key to grab maximum attention and response from the readers
  • The design and color of these buttons, as well as their size, should be kept relevant and visually appealing
  • Try and make these buttons look contrast as this evokes readers’ interest and use whitespace logically to keep the copy balanced


Look at this email from Amazon to get an idea of how to make targeted CTA the real hero of your copy:

Follow-up With Your Prospects But Strategically

Sending too many emails is not the best idea but being shy and not following-up is even worse. So, maintain a follow-up calendar and try to strike an equilibrium between bombarding inboxes with multiple emails and not showing up after sending a welcome pitch.


According to a recent study from Marketing Charts, promotional emails are the primary reason which refrains users from creating accounts or subscribe to a particular brand.

But this shouldn’t let you believe that sending emails or doing follow-ups aren’t important. Try the below-mentioned formula for allowing you to be in touch with prospects without annoying them:


  • Follow-up often but not that frequently to end-up annoying the receiver
  • Send the first follow-up email after two days from sharing the pitch and stick to this rule for a couple of next reminder emails as well
  • Keep your follow-up emails polite but make them interesting
  • Leverage automation tools

Email Marketing Analytics To Keep You Grounded

Without analytics there is no sense why you would want to make the effort, right? There are a few most important email marketing KPIs worth tracking:


  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • List growth rate
  • Forward and sharing rate
  • Gross Profit Margin
  • ROI

Tracking these many areas could be daunting but you don’t have to be an Google analytics expert who can crunch numbers like a pro. But take your time to get an in-depth idea of your email marketing metrics and focus on the ones that you wish to improve.


The metrics that are directly proportional to your specific business goals should be given priority. Also, the sole aim of tracking these KPIs should be letting you grow, maintain, and convert your email lists.

A Few Rewards For Reading Till The End…

There are thousands of rules on how to refine your email marketing strategy and make it even more relevant. But a few creative additions can amp-up the entire email game plan for your online business. Let’s conclude this piece by looking at a couple of these integrations:


  • Consider adding a PS to your email for creating a sense of urgency, placing CTA, and providing your receivers with an after-thought
  • Never forget to place your well-composed signature at the end of your email
  • Offer them some lucrative discounts, freebies to evoke interest
  • Give them an option to unsubscribe in your email
  • Include video demonstrations and user-generated content such as customers testimonials or reviews, tweets, social proof, etc. to validate your point
  • Send stellar receipts in the form of emails to let the end-users keep track of relevant information
  • Motivate receivers to respond directly by removing the “Do Not Reply” button from the email
  • Proofreading your emails is a must
  • Try integration embedded surveys to avoid users drop-offs
  • Keep your email messages well-coordinated with other buyer-facing platforms that you are using such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, etc

The Final Say

In the era where the audience is installing ad-blockers, strategic email marketing has become even more important. Consider email marketing as a concept that can let you grab data to provide the targeted audience with hyper-personalized experiences and connect with them to foster engagement. 


Based on these trends you can include the key ingredients to build a comprehensive email marketing game plan and engage with a targeted audience that wants to get involved to become paying customers and elevate the bottom line of your business.

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