The Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Businesses nowadays are reaching targeted audiences with clever mobile marketing methods. Because people do all sorts of purchasing through smartphones and other smart devices, business owners are turning their marketing campaigns in-line with what users are preferring to use.

One of the reasons for business owners to use mobile marketing is the trend for users to make purchases on their smart devices instead of on desktop computers.

Here are some statistics to show why. Searching for goods or services is largely performed on mobile or smart devices. Users spend 59% of their time searching for goods or services. However, only 15% actually make the purchases on their smart device. Whereas 85% of users purchase goods or services on the desktop.

These statistics possibly highlight the reason why many are purchasing goods or services on their desktop. It could be down to the user thinking it is more secure to purchase on the desktop than a mobile or smart device. But smartphone conversion rates have increased by 64% compared to conversion rates by users on a desktop computer.

Smartphones and smart devices are becoming more secure as technology is improving with time. Surely, the statistics for smartphone purchases will continue increasing accordingly.

One particular statistic highlights a largely growing trend in regards to users purchasing, downloading and watching videos on their mobile device. A whopping 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile device. This makes sense due to many people working long hours and commuting to work and back. Gone are the days where most nights you can cook up some popcorn and sit down to relax and watch a movie at home. Many people watch bits and pieces of movies on their mobile devices when they have time and are on the move.

The below visual story reveals the far-reaching and growing impact of mobile marketing. Check it out.

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage (Infographic)

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