A Complete Guide for Instagram Influencer Marketing

Social media marketing is being used by many businesses, and influencer marketing is one of its kind. It involves authorization and product placement from influencers, organizations, and people who have claimed an expert level of knowledge or any social influence in their field. Influencer marketing makes the brand reachable to the respective target audience in such a way that it feels more genuine than traditional marketing. This is the reason why it is apt for Instagram. Most of the businesses outsource its Digital Marketing Services, who seems to be knowing more about all types of social media marketing. 

When you use Instagram, you would possibly see many influential users promoting their brands and products. It makes sense to think from your end as the ways your brand or business works with Influencer Marketing for Instagram. This article provides you with what needs to be done to run a successful Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign.

How can influencer marketing help Instagram?

At first thought, you need to make sure that this kind of marketing campaign yields the required results. As you must be aware that influencer marketing is efficient, now you just need to execute it on Instagram and think about ways to optimize it. Here are a few reasons to use Influencer Marketing for Instagram.

  1. Enormous Reach – Instagram seems to be one of the popular social media platforms. Many internet users are on Instagram, as well. Hence, Instagram provides a wider chance for your business to reach maximum people.
  2. High Engagement RateInstagram is also an engaging social media platform. It has many interactions and many followers, as well. The average customer engagement ratio is 29.67 on the platform. This shows that there are many users on this platform.

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3. Influencer’s ChoiceInstagram is also an ideal platform to execute influencer marketing campaigns as it is most preferred by the influencers. There are many influencers found in this platform, and most of them say that it is the most efficient platform to engage their target audience.

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Now, having known the reasons to use Instagram influencer marketing, let us discuss the ways to find the right influencers. This is a challenging step in influencer marketing, be it on Instagram or any other social media platform. It is also the biggest challenge to work with influencers. To overcome this challenge, all you need to do is to be clear about what you require. Find out the characteristics that you lookout for an ideal influencer. It should be on par with your brand and campaign. It should also be engaging and creative. Based on your campaign goals, it should be reachable. When you define your ideal influencer, it would be easier for you to narrow down the best influencers apt for your brand that comes from the potential influencers. You can find out the potential influencers in the following way:

  1. Look Out For Branded HashtagsFind out the influencers who are your brand’s fan previously and create content regarding your brand. Perform a search on a branded hashtag to find applicable content created about your products. After this, you can check out the users who have created these posts to find out potential influencers. 

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    For example, the apparel brand, ABC, might conduct searches using the hashtags like #abc or #abcapparel. It could also contain the name of a popular line of their apparel.

  2. Look Out For Relevant Hashtags – If your brand is not yet established or your results are not satisfactory, you could conduct a search of the relevant hashtags. Like the previous method, you should examine the results and the user’s account who created the content that satisfies you. For example, if you are a brand that wishes to promote a new ingredient, in this case, you should ideally be working with various food influencers who can cook well and make use of your ingredients into their recipes.   
  3. Make Use Of The Right Tool – Using Influencer marketing tools would simplify your searches further. These tools would help you get a list of potential influencers basis the relevant category or keyword. A few examples of tools are BuzzSumo, BuzzWeb, Ninja Outreach, Influence.co, and many more. Influence.co is an excellent choice as it is free to use. You can filter the results easily based on the location and count of Instagram followers. Hence, you can easily conduct your searches as per your campaign requirements. Buzzweb tool permits you to conduct searches on many influences, with which you can analyze the audience and find out the influencers that work best for you. If you do not want to make use of any tool, you could even connect with an influencer marketing agency, where they would carefully examine your requirements and expectations and help you to connect with the relevant influencers in their network.

Once you are done with examining the influencers, you need to execute your influencer marketing campaign based on your content marketing strategies and goals. Some of the popular types of Instagram campaigns are:

  1. Sponsored PostIn this sponsored post, you will have to pay influencers to create content relevant for your brand. They would just feature your product in their content or mention an entire story about your product. This type of campaign is best to achieve any goal type.

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  2. ContestsDirect some free products to influencers so that they could organize a contest. This is an exceptional method to involve any new audience and to gain new followers to increase brand awareness. It could also build a trigger around any new product. 
  3. Branded ContentYet another method of the Instagram campaign is to feature influencers in your branded content to provide a little extra push to the content. The content is what you will create and publish but involve influencers as well. For example, let an influencer create content using your product or participate in storytelling. This type of Instagram campaign is useful to promote any new product or to reach out to a wider audience.
  4. ReviewThis is a very useful campaign. You can also provide influencers to review your product so that their followers can make a proper decision when they purchase from you. Ensure that the review is honest and be able to win the audience’s trust. This is an ideal campaign for those who prefer to increase brand awareness, gain trust, above all, to drive conversions.
  5. Representatives Programs for your BrandYou may even try to convert your influencers into representatives for your brand. Offer a custom discount code for each influencer that they can provide with their audience. When your influencer drives a conversion, pay the influencers a small percentage. This is an excellent campaign that can help to raise brand awareness and drive conversions effectively. Once you get your influencers and execute the campaigns, that is not the end. Ensure that you track its progress and see the kind of results that the influencers drive. When there is a custom URL or a unique discount code for every influencer, it will make it easier to track the performance of your campaign. Basis the analysis of the results, modify and improve on the campaigns.


    It is obvious that influencer marketing does have an impact on the Instagram platform. Whether you give a product or have a sponsored post, any brand, either big or small, can connect the power of Influencer marketing to get the products right in front of their audience. Make use of influencer marketing on your Instagram platform to create more sales.

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