Expert Advice: 11 Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Employees

As an employer, you can do a lot of things that can improve the level of motivation of your employees. Some employers can take for granted their ability to do this and neglect to do their job to motivate employees because of a lack of ideas on how to do it.

With that said, there are plenty of practical ways that you can do to make your employees motivated. Plenty of these ways are quite easy to do and require little to no significant systematic changes; however, your team can feel the impact well enough. Read on below to find out what they are.

1. Let Your Employee Know That You Trust Them

One thing that employers may be hesitant to do is to express trust wholeheartedly to their employees. After all, should they make mistakes, you will be the one to answer for it.

However, expressions of trust and giving them the independence that they need highly motivates them to prove to you that your trust isn’t unfounded. Tony Robbins said it best in this powerful quote where he says “All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone.”

Trust is important no matter what relationship you have with a person, including employee-employer relationships.

2. Make Expectations Clear

One of the more straightforward ways an employer can motivate their employees to do the best that they can in their jobs is by making all expectations of them clear.

The leader should provide a clear goal for his employees to know what the company is aiming for.

By telling them what you want from them, how their success is measured, and any tasks that entail their job title goes a long way in shaping your employees’ motivation.

3. Gamify and Incentivize

If you want a fun way to motivate your employees that is far from the conventional, then gamifying certain tasks and receiving achievements for accomplishments is one unique way of motivating employees.

This can be systematized so that the positive feedback system is automated or manually done. Whatever you prefer, so long as you make the work tasks fun, can motivate your employees.

4. Provide Continuous Feedback

Most of the time, the protocol for companies is that they give monthly or periodic feedback on employees’ performance. Although this can give you an excellent general overview of their performance, it can be difficult to be a basis of improvement in your employees’ day-to-day.

On that note, continuous feedback is an excellent way of guiding your employees towards their goals. Plus, it shows that they aren’t mindlessly working on something in the workplace.

5. Be a people person and a good manager

If you’re an employer, then people skills are crucial whether you want to or not. Dealing with people may be the one constant in your job.

With that said, you must be able to manage people whether in times of celebration or in times of conflict. Keeping to yourself isn’t good when you’re in a position of power, so do your best to always communicate with your staff.

6. Correct Privately

One of the ways that you can motivate your employees is through feedback as mentioned before. However, a smart way to go about giving feedback, particularly negative ones, is by doing it in private.

When you keep negative corrections private, you don’t demotivate your employee by humiliating them in front of their peers. Thus, this can help motivate them to do better than they did before.

7. Reward people for doing a good job

Although you might say that a well-done job is something to expect from your employee, it still feels gratifying for an employee to receive an acknowledgment.

An acknowledgment is somehow rewarding and a form of appreciation especially if it’ll come from their superiors.

With that said, you should always reward people for doing a good job, especially under special circumstances. Whether it’s through a free dinner with the team or simple acknowledgments, a reward is a strong motivator.

8. Give Your Employees a Purpose

Too often people will get lost in the auto-pilot way that they do their jobs that they may lose the meaning behind why they are doing the work in the first place. They can get lost in the grind of the workplace.


Thus, it is your job to remind your employees just what they’re doing and why they’re doing it for. A short reminder will go a long way in motivating your employees to do good in their jobs.

9. Allow people to explore new growth opportunities

As an employer, you should look after not just the work quality of your employees but also their career’s growth. You shouldn’t be the one to hinder them from opportunities to grow in their career.

Whether it’s a networking event or conferences and workshops, if you know your employee is interested in this aspect of the business, encourage it, and you will find a loyal and motivated employee to work with.

You may also sponsor higher education for your employees. An online MBA program is the one which most of the corporate sponsor these days for their employees. An MBA degree helps them become a better manager and ultimately the business gets benefited from it.

10. Believe in Your Employees

Something as simple as an expression of support in someone can stick with them much longer than you might think, especially if they are down and out and aren’t doing so good which spreads in the workplace.

When employees know that you believe in them, they want to be able to prove that you’re not wrong so every so often, do try to express this belief in your employees’ capabilities.

11. Don’t keep praise secret

Lastly, we mention how you need to give negative feedback in secret. This rule does not apply to praise or compliments.

When praising your employee, try to show it publicly. Not only will the added compliments from peers help motivate them, but it may also motivate peers to do as good as they did.

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