Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Very Effective

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to increase your leads and grow your business fast. However, many businesses have failed in this type of marketing and unfortunately gave up on it. Sounds like your situation right now? If yes, perhaps these are some of the potential reasons for that:


1. Your Page Is Not Active


It’s quite strange that some people will create their business page on social media and then leave it dormant. It’s hard to tell whether it’s because of laziness, lack of fast and reliable internet connection or any other reason. But creating a business page with beautiful photos of your offerings and then leaving it inactive can be quite disappointing to your visitors, to say the least. Imagine finally finding a seller on Facebook who offers exactly what you are looking for, after many days of searching, and then you notice that their “last active” is 8 months ago. It feels dispiriting right? Personally, I wouldn’t contemplate even sending an inquiry message to a business page, which was last active a crazy long time ago, let alone order an item.

The first element of a great social media strategy is ensuring your page is active. Avoid being lazy. Post your products and/or services regularly. If you have an internet connection problem, there is a myriad of tools that you can use to tackle that.

2. You Are Not Exploiting Great Social Media Marketing Tools and Gadgets that Are Available to You


There are many great social media marketing tools and gadgets out there that you can use to boost your social media marketing strategy. One thing about the majority of these tools is that they aren’t free. Trust me, contrary to popular belief, the best things in life aren’t free. They cost money. If you have been using free social media marketing tools and social media monitoring, you now have the answer as to why your strategy isn’t working. Try Facebook’s paid advertising program and using cool images that attract attention. Among other social media advertising programs that cost money, you should use trustworthy gadgets such as ThePhotoStick to turn around your social media strategy today!

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3. You Are Not Responding to Your Potential Leads Promptly Enough


If there is one thing that can be annoying to many potential buyers, it’s none other than having to wait long for a merchant’s feedback upon reaching out to them. Many buyers can’t stand that. Instead, they are going to reach out to your competitors and probably give them business if they respond to their inquiries promptly enough. Make sure you can get back to your potential leads within 24 hours. Nowadays, sluggish response to potential customers’ questions or inquiries, for one reason or another, has no justification. After all, there are many automated tools out there today that businesses can use to effectively respond to various queries from potential buyers without the need for human input. Be sure to invest in one such tool if need be.


4. You Have too Many Complaints


One thing that many people pay attention to so much in making a decision to order products or services through social media is feedback from other customers. If it isn’t good enough, trust me, many visitors who could order your products or services will shun you like a plaque. How do you ensure that you have great feedback? The answer is by providing quality and value for money. Also, don’t delete negative feedback that you may receive from some buyers because it’s perfectly understandable that you can’t please everyone. In fact, it isn’t a good thing to have 100% positive client feedback as that can make people doubt your credibility. Instead, you should make an effort to look into and address any complaints that you have received, transparently. It’s a great way to earn peoples’ trust.


Final Thoughts


Your social media strategy may be ineffective not because of anything, but because of you missing the points above. To ensure your business becomes successful and become a business magnate such as Warren Buffett,  make sure your page is active, use the great social media marketing tools at your disposal, and respond to inquiries promptly enough. Finally, try to have great customer feedback by providing quality and value for money and by addressing complaints transparently instead of deleting them so that others may not see them.

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