6 Key Strategies to Make Sure That Your Digital Marketing Campaign Delivers This Holiday

It’s quite tempting to play it safe by going with what worked in last year’s holiday campaigns. You’re squeezed in a hectic holiday season, and it’s always a struggle integrating your business and brand in today’s new trends and features.

After all, it does take a lot of time and resources to invest and strategize in digital marketing campaigns, right? But here’s the thing, if you’re not continuously innovating, there’s a higher chance that you’ll fall behind the competition.

Meanwhile, taking quick, carefully planned steps would lead you to growth. But how do you ensure that you thrive in a big campaign such as the one that you’re planning to launch in the holidays?

Read on how you can drive more traffic, visibility, and sales in the last few weeks of 2018:


Use Your Last Year Data

While you need to innovate those holiday campaign year after year, it’s still essential that you carefully utilize last year’s data to set you on the right path. What did last year’s holiday campaign teach you? What are the lessons have you learned, and how can you make this year’s holiday strategy better? You can do so by checking last year’s analytics. Then brainstorm what possibly interests your audience.

Other brands create thousands of contents, but the best digital marketing campaigns are the ones that stand out. What you can do is to learn from your competitors’ previous holiday campaigns. Try to revisit last year’s best holiday campaigns and draw inspiration from there. What type of content did these brands come up with?

What ideas that notably worked for them that you can borrow? How about the kind of material that didn’t quite work out that you need to avoid? Then, what strategize you do differently this time, craft a campaign where much of your audience hasn’t seen before.


Know Your Audience

Here’s the thing ‒ if you want to succeed in your marketing efforts, you need to know your audience first. As any marketing expert will tell you, knowing your audience is pivotal to any marketing strategy.

Knowing your audience will guide you on which strategies and materials to choose, as well as what kind of messages to send out to turn them into loyal customers. Ideally, when selecting a demographic, don’t just stick with one.

It also helps to know your clients personally ‒ going an extra mile to know them on a more personal level. By knowing your clients more, you’ll gain valuable insights over time, and then you can start making useful generalizations.


Prepare Your Website for the Holidays

You can add various elements to your website to give it a more festive cheer. Generally, you need to spice it up by making your site more visually appealing to visitors so that you can get ahead of the competition and drive in sales and maximize your revenues.

One way to do this is to spice up your graphics. There are a lot of stock photos and holiday icons you can utilize to give your site a more festive background. Don’t be afraid of making little tweaks in your brand logo as well, and change your site’s colors by going with color hues that are fitting for you.

You can also consider switching some of your labels to be relevant and timely for the holidays or utilize a countdown timer to make visitors excited about your products.


Get Personal- It’s Holiday Season

No one wants to receive a generic, “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” type of wording anymore. Fully take advantage of the holidays, and add a personal touch to your marketing strategy. Not only will this make your brand more authentic, but it also connects with your audience at a more personal level. It also increases their trust over time.

Also, take the time and go out of your way to answer questions and other random queries your audience might have. Doing so not only develops brand loyalty, but it also makes you more human. It can mean a lot to your customers, too, as they will eventually prefer your brand from other competitors.


It’s the season of giving, host a Giveaway

And giveaways to your fans and followers? Everyone will always love to receive something for free. Do you know that a primary driver why some would follow or ‘like’ a brand’s profile is to obtain something for free, win an item, or get an exclusive discount?

Social media platforms allow brands and businesses to host contests and giveaways so that they can:

  • Boost traffic
  • Increase overall engagement
  • Build links to their respective sites and is excellent for SEO


Optimize your Mobile Website/App

Sure, the content in your desktop looks fantastic, but does it seem as compelling as it is on mobile? To maximize conversions, develop a sense of cohesion across all platforms.

Do you know in 2017 alone, the sales on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have resulted in approximately $35.9 billion in sales during the holiday season? With the rapid rise of mobile users, it’s no wonder that 42% of smartphones users are more comfortable in making purchases on their mobile devices than they are on their desktop computers.

Moreover, Google prefers websites that are mobile-optimized, rewarding them with higher rankings on the search engine results. So, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly yet, it’s time to make necessary changes to boost your reach, conversions, and sales. With help from a digital marketing agency can increase your conversion rates.


To Sum It Up

By utilizing these tips and tactics during the holidays, you’re placing your brand in a better position to increase your traffic and to drive in revenues. By applying the steps that we have discussed above, you’ll be able to craft smart strategies and implement them accordingly to deliver successful results.


Author Bio: John Vuong is the sole owner of Local SEO Search Inc, also an SEO Company that serves Ontario. John’s mission is to help local business owners improve their online influence and digital marketing so they can dominate their industry. With his business acumen and innate understanding of the local business landscape, John writes blogs that delve on how to customize SEO campaigns based on client needs.

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