Top 10 Outdoor Signs that Stood Out in 2019

Outdoor signs have become an essential part of our everyday life. While the outdoor signs serve the purpose of navigation and identification for the people, for businesses it helps in generating interest and attention toward products & services they offer. No matter what is the size of your business, there is always an outdoor sign within your budget. These signs would be the perfect choice to make your business stand out by gaining exposure and maximum visibility. While there are numerous types of outdoor signs, business owners can use, the most appropriate one can be determined by figuring out the objective of the marketing campaign.

Monumental signs, awnings, blade signs help customers to identify and locate the business site. On the other hand channel letters, acrylic signs, neon signs are creative and distinct, can be used to enhance brand recognition. Besides, lightbox signs with its creative shape and design can provide 24/7 visibility to the business. Hence, choosing these outdoor signs for the business is clearly the most crucial step in driving growth and attaining success.

How much Outdoor Signs are effective?

As most of the outdoor signage is dynamic, readable, and easily viewable, they are quite effective in reaching out for a new audience and turn them into loyal customers. When placed on an outdoor building, this sign helps people understand and interact with your business, thus, builds brand awareness and achieve prominence. Moreover, it communicates with customers and entices them to your store. Ultimately, these signs generate more revenue and amplified responses to your business bringing your business into the focus of walking consumers.

10 Great Examples of Outdoor Signs Campaign in 2019

While there are several campaigns that tend to be stellar in 2019. But, here are the most extraordinary one that stood out in 2019. Take a look!

  1. Burger King Campaign

Burger King in November dispersed its signage panels across the streets of France, to inform people about their presence. The campaign helped people to know that the brand is using Deliveroo as the delivery service. The campaign was smart yet clever which instead of giving directions to passersby communicated about their delivery announcement. It was cheeky and brought fun into play.

  1. Ikea Markerad

In an attempt to create a buzz amongst consumers, Ikea revamped the storefront logos. The outdoor sign was changed to showcase the launch of the new ‘Markerad’ collection designed in collaboration with creative designer Virgil Abloh. The campaign was an absolute hit and saw a huge response from people. Thus, it ends up getting more sales for the brand.

  1. Anyfin “Loan shark zones”

Anyfin, the UK based tech startup rolled out an extraordinary campaign using outdoor warning signs. These signs were strategically placed outside the buildings of other lenders. It took the outdoor advertising to the next level by highlighting the untrusted financial industry featuring a pink warning sign with tagline “loan shark zone”. This campaign shows how creativity can tackle competitiveness and outline the brand better.

  1. Eyehealth “Eyesberg” Campaign

Eyehealth, an online directory of optometrists, Australia, launched “Eyesberg” campaign in a view to bring attention to underlying eye problems. The campaign on interactive displays features an eyeball shaped iceberg in an ocean with a major part representing the potential eye problems that lurk beneath the surface. The visually appealing design aimed to push people to look deeper into their early signs of eye diseases.

  1. New Zealand Eating Disorders Clinic: Knife and Fork Cross

The campaign was organized by a non-profit organization based in New Zealand. The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness about growing eating disorders. It manifested a fork & knife cross as a way to educate people about the eating disorders that cause mental illness, depression and other diseases. Since most of the disorders did not get any coverage; the campaign helped people understand the importance of eating the right food.

  1. McDonald’s McDrives

McDonald in a view to competing with its direct competitor burger King placed directional signs on the streets of France depicting the nearby restaurant. The intriguing campaign is launched which accommodated a burger king billboard with a McDonald one. It was a sensational campaign bringing the idea into focus that McDonald’s restaurants are much easy to reach.

  1. Sea Life Scheveningen

Sealife brings the ocean to life on the streets with 3d Art Signs. The campaign incorporated bright colors and sharp text to showcase the idea of keeping the ocean clean. It subsumed octopus tentacles coming out of the water holding the digital displays with the tagline “Keep our Ocean Clean”. It looked almost real and forced the passerby to read the advertising message. It acts as a great way to educate and aware people of the increased human activity in the oceans and how marine life is greatly affected by it.

  1. Coca Cola “Open, Taste, Recycle with Us”

Coca Cola with its recent campaign made it easy for people to find dustbins. The campaign was conducted on the streets of Italy where the soft-drink manufacturer placed a large size billboard navigating people to the dustbin placed underneath it. It was extremely creative which both solve the problem of waste disposal while sustaining the brand into people’s minds. It demonstrated how brands need to be socially responsible and should go out of the way from a traditional advertising approach.

  1. Microsoft Shadow Posters

Microsoft created a stir with its unconventional shadow posters which exist only as shadows. The campaign was named “Design to disappear’ which meant to advertise the launch of its new surface pro 6 laptops. It was extremely magical which blends with the background to create a stunning and breathtaking experience for the viewers. Hence, it becomes a major talk of the town and garnered worldwide attention.

  1. Apple’s Our Game

Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign bring focus to India’s great enthusiasm for cricket. The campaign showcases iPhone clicked images shot in India, to fuel its popularity across the country. The advertising was done with major outdoor billboards placed in strategical locations. It lets viewers connect with the ad easily due to expressions and a sense of belonging for the game. Also, it kept the brand in the spotlight.

In a Nutshell:

Undoubtedly, marketers are getting incredibly clever and creative in their approaches. And, these stunning outdoor advertising campaigns truly reflect their intention and commitment to bring the brand into a frame. No matter whatever be the objective, it is important to perceive what moves your targeted audience and how greatly it impacts their lives. Keeping these points in mind and carving outdoor signage around it, means effective results for businesses and high chances of the advertising campaign to succeed.

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