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You can do these 8 things at home too!

We are certainly going through a time of crisis, and it mostly impacts our generation because we have no experiential knowledge. We are not used to doing all our things at home. If we look at history, mankind has gone through multiple epidemics and pandemics. The viruses’ evolving speed and social distancing, which we are not used to, is for sure not helping us. If in the past people were used to spending days and weeks with their closest relatives, now we are used to surrounding ourselves with friends, colleagues, and newly met people. We need the presence and contact with other people to develop and live optimally.

On the other hand, due to a technological point of view, we are better prepared to deal with pandemic crises. We have better medical techniques, we have a better information system and tools to help us cope with isolation and social distancing. In this time of crisis, we can say that we are all connected from our homes.

In this article, we come up with 8 fun things to do at home that you were previously used to do outdoor, in a social environment but because of COVID-19 we can no longer do…or we can. Let’s see how:

Fun things to do at home

1. New Window Shopping Tehnique

Do you miss the good old days when you were spending time going from store to store only to see what’s new and to keep updated? No worries, you can still do this from your cosy sofa with a nice cup of coffee prepared exactly how you prefer (probably better than the usual to-go coffee that you used to walk with).

During COVID-19 almost all stores have moved their interest in their online activity. Now it’s time to check out your favourite shops and also those that you didn’t even know they existed but they have amazing merchandise: clothes, accessories, gadgets, online products or services, and so on… the sky is the limit.

Also, in this period, you can find a lot of good discounts and sales. For example, if you are interested in web design products, you can check Creative Tim’s Spring Campaign where you can buy 7 Premium Bundles and save up to 90%.

things you can do at home-window shopping

2. Coffee break with your colleagues

Are you working remotely? We do too, therefore we know how important it is to stay connected with your colleagues and to keep chatting on non-work related topics. Also, face-to-face interactions are so important in a remote environment, especially because they can help prevent potential burnout and isolation.

Great news, guys! Technology is here to help us. Video conferences tools are everywhere these days and they are a real lifesaver when it comes to social distancing. All you have to do to have an authentic experience:

  • Choose a nice spot in your room where you can feel relaxed, but don’t choose your bed (if you have a terrace, that would be perfect);
  • Prepare a nice cup of coffee or tea;
  • Choose a video conferencing tool (check out here some recommendations);
  • Start chatting – invite more colleagues into your online coffee break, it will be funnier.

things you can do at home- coffee with colleagues

3. Socialising Night out

Who said Social Distancing cannot be beaten? Gather your closest friends, join a video conference and have fun together. The most important thing is not to miss the glass of wine. Also, you can prepare some appetizers or snacks and imagine you are out at your favourite restaurant or pub. If you do not feel like cooking or you feel like tasting something fancier, delivery services are a good choice, in order to make your experience more authentic.

things do home - Socialising Night out


4. Wine tasting

If you feel like doing something fancy and enjoyable, you should join a virtual wine tasting. “Thanks” to this period, there are a lot of programs and events of this sort on the online market. Virtual tastings are an incredible way to explore, educate, and especially to stay connected. So grab a glass and check out some online tasting opportunities:

things you can do home-wine tasting


5. Going to the theatre

If you feel like experiencing something more into cultural and art field, theatres are o good place “to go” during pandemic isolation. They moved their activity into the online space and some say that this is the future for art and performance. So probably this crisis will help them adapt faster with a more technological world.
The great thing for us is that now we can enjoy quality entertainment whenever we feel like this, at a good price or even for free.
Check this example of Virtual Theatre where you can find the world’s finest theatre productions!


theatre home


6. Start gardening

We already know that gardening is a great stress reliever, calories burner, and happiness source. But what can we do if we are isolated in our apartments?

When it comes to having a garden, space is not an issue. You can grow plants almost anywhere, even if you live in a tiny apartment. You can start with some nice flowers and then switch to growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. For small spaces, choose plants that grow up rather than out. Also, it is important to choose your plants based on the positioning of windows and the amount of light available in your space.

Be creative!

home gardening


7. Cooking contest

Now it’s the perfect time for cooking! All you have to do is pick a friend, join an online meeting, grab a glass of wine and start being creative in your own kitchen. Then show off your result on your social media profiles or with your communities. The most “instagramable” food will win.

Are you ready for the competition?

Cooking contest

8. Meet new people

If you are a social kind of person, who enjoys long conversations with friends and exchanges ideas with newly met people, this pandemic has definitely impacted your life. What do you have to do in order to avoid anxiety and loneliness? Well, you have to join the online communities that share the same interest as you. Don’t worry, there is a great variety on the market right now. All you have to do is use search tools and choose.

Also, this is a very useful idea for people who are much of a social person, but they are shy. You can practice your socialising skills in virtual mode, which is easier, and then you will be ready to start engaging more often in real socialising activities.
Meet new people

Final thoughts

Isolation and social distancing can be really harsh, indeed. But we can cope with it thanks to technology. Let’s use communication technology to be emotionally close to our loved ones, even though we have to stay away physically to protect ourselves.

What activity will you try today? If you have other ideas, share your thoughts with us!

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