6 Steps To Acing Your Next Job Interview

Even though International Women’s Day has passed, it’s still a better time than any to feel empowered – no matter how you identify yourself. Everyone has their own way of doing so – doing something you’re good at, being active, dressing up smart or perfecting your curl game, we all want to feel on top of our game.


Part of feeling empowered is also evolving in your career. Changing jobs, moving onwards and upwards, and reaching your goals is always a daunting but exciting prospect. So how do you ace your next job interview?

Presentation Is Key

Without sounding shallow, your appearance is important. You need to be the image of confidence, professionalism and creativity. That doesn’t mean being overdressed, and caked in makeup or with an over the top hairstyle, but finding the right balance. You don’t want to look too casual, aim for smart. A French bob, and chic outfit and minimal makeup will help you feel prepped and groomed.

Do Your Research

Needless to say, research your company before heading to the interview – and we don’t mean just reading their Wikipedia page. Dig dip into the realms of Google to find news articles, press releases and even photos and reviews to discover more than just the overall statistics. Nothing is more impressive than an interview where you can enter into a debate over something you have read and what you conclude from it.

Why You?

Before entering the room, you need to know why you in particular would be the perfect fit for the role. You need to have convincing arguments about your skills and personality, you need to be self-assured and believe in yourself. Why you over any other candidate? Perhaps you feel you incorporate the company’s morals, or you are passionate over similar topics. Whatever you have in common with the company, let them know.

Be Yourself 

Be your best you – yourself, but confident and relaxed. Job interviews are a nerve-wracking experience but are so worthwhile. You need to be relaxed without being casual, and confident without being overbearing. Be smiley, as that will subconsciously boost your confidence, and also that of your interviewer. Being positive shows emotional intelligence and is also very important in the workplace – everyone wants to be around someone who encourages their team and inspires them. Be that person! 


Practice makes perfect! Try and practice typical interview questions and come up with interesting, developed answers that could lead your interviewer onto more questions. Even rope a friend or family member to interview you for a more realistic situation. You don’t need to memorize word for word what you are going to say, but having an idea will make you sound more confident, even when you are a nervous wreck inside!


Once your interview is done, follow up with questions whilst you still have the interviewer across the room to answer them. Ask about future projects, relate back to your research, asking a question or two shows your interest for the company but also your quick analytical skills. Once you have left the premises, you can also follow up with a thank you email, or a message with later questions if you can’t think of any on the spot. Be polite, charming and interested – this is key to landing your dream job!

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