Attract More Customers with These 5 Facebook Marketing Tips

Social media had been beneficial in the success of many businessmen. Whether you sell properties or offer food delivery, you can be absolute about gaining revenue. Facebook, being one of the most prominent social media platforms in the online industry, is the most viable avenue to run a business. 

Although, some ways can be tedious for these kinds of businesses. Consumers would mostly back off a transaction if it’s online, or because your selling value is more expensive than the ones at malls. But one thing that some owners miss out is on how to market their page efficiently, and hiring a marketer would cost them big bucks. Therefore, you should always look for a new small business growth ideas around and apply them.

So if you are in an online venture, here are some tips on how to succeed with it. 

1. Look attractive

Remember that girl or boy you like back in high school? For him or her to attract you, you would make yourself look better. A little combing here, and a little perfume there. Otherwise, you can’t be noticed. 

This is what marketers refer to as wordplay. In posting your products you would also need a bit of color aside from “playing words”, and an appropriate emoji guide will help you. Unless your business is something serious, like caskets or death care services, you might try putting as many emojis as you want to tell your potential buyers that your business is up-to-date. 

2. Never post in the middle of the day

You would want people to see your post in a time where they break their social media fasting and time before they will take the fasting. Meaning, people go online by the time they wake up and before sleeping. 

If your product is food-related, you can post at night where people lightly focus on important things. They would scroll through their feeds and if they see something delectable, especially when late at night, they would react to it and might plan to buy from what you posted. 

3. Never post more than once a day

Unless you are on Twitter, people can always see advertisements from retweeting. But on Facebook, having to post at least once a day can already allow thousands of reach

Posting twice or more per day can confuse your potential consumers. This would give them the thought that your business is desperate for consumers. Then, they might think that the quality of your product is not worth seeing, so they ignore it. 

4. Appreciate your customers by posting their testimonials

If people have been buying your products or availing your services lately, then you might want to take a photo of them enjoying what you’re selling. You can get a screenshot from your conversation for positive reviews, but make sure to ask permission from them first. 

If you are in the service industry, taking photos while your service is going on is more than okay to post. You can also include a different post for the people that helped you behind the scenes. There are also chances where people see their friends posted on tagged in public posts. This allows your market to widen and bait potential consumers. 

5. Freebies freebies freebies!

Everyone loves free stuff. So if you’re starting your online business or working on affiliate marketing, you might want to provide a little bit of surplus from your product or service. Provide these as giveaways with a few conditions. Have a captioned post saying that they need to like your page, share the post and comment on a particular hashtag you wish them to write below. 

The more shares you garner, the more people will come to your page and join. Not only that, but you are also giving yourself a favor for people to look up to your business without them knowing. They’re more focused on the slightest chance of winning if you’re also lucky to have a good amount of traffic. 


Whenever you find yourself in an online business situation, always remember that you need your customers to trust you more. Situations like these are unlike any other physical stores in malls wherein it’s okay to be shuddered off by people passing by. Once a customer neglects your quality, then it can mean that everyone else might not buy from you anymore. 

Marketing, subsequently, needs more attention, especially in online efforts and digital marketing kpis. The only capital that you’ll need is your creativity, and the rest of the cost will just be tentative. If you have the right creativity, training, and tools, you will have a better chance at fishing customers with ease. 

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