How to Make FacebookAds Increase your SEO

Steps for Creating  FacebookAds to Increase your SEO 

In an ideal world, placing Facebook ads would automatically improve your search engine optimization and ranking with Google or Bing.

Realistically, a Facebook ad can be relatively profitable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will rank high on the internet. Similarly, you can rank high with Google, but reap relatively few dollars through Facebook ads.

The following steps will explain how to create Facebook Ads to increase search engine rankings.

1. Choose a well-crafted name

Once you choose a name with Facebook, it cannot be changed. So, consider the name carefully by putting thought into it.

In addition, the name should be simple but not too simple. “Digital Marketing Malaysia” is simple, but too generic. “MY Media Digital Marketing Malaysia” is also fairly simple, but is more descriptive.

Second, avoid keyword packing. Nary’s aluminum wheels, custom wheels, steel wheels, chrome wheels and more is not only too long but can easily be seen as spammy.

2. Use specific, long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are three and four-word phrases that are specific.

Advertising Alexandria’s ” keto recipes for beginners” or Alexandria’s “keto recipes for vegetarians” will also help set you apart, as compared to “Alexandria’s keto recipe book”.

The more unique and specialized your keywords are if under three or four words in length, the more likely you’ll stand out against the competition.

3. Get backlinks

Search engines like Google increase your SEO ranking if backlinks from a legitimate, highly respected source or two, point to your site. 

Contact blog influencers and those who write specific blogs on your topic and offer to write a guest article. This way, you will be provided with a backlink to your Facebook page.

If you’re not an author, find a freelancer or a student journalist at university to write it for you, but be sure it’s on point, easy enough for a 5th grader to read, and informative.

Also, if you have a separate blog be sure to include your

Facebook link on every article.  This way, every time someone shares your blog information to others, your Facebook page is subtly promoted as well.

4. Write a killer about page

New customers want to know if your business will meet their needs. For that reason, the page may be the most important 155 characters on your entire Facebook Page.

5. Basics of Facebook ads

Facebook ads are characterized as either direct selling points for your product or for retargeting previous visitors.

There are three important elements to consider when creating Facebook ads: visuals, copy, and a call to action.


Dynamic and eye-catching visuals are critical. Facebook readers are speed surfers, requiring impressive images. Spend money if you need to, but get a unique visual that matches your copy.

Exposure through visuals

Be specific and focused on visuals. For example, if you own a photography studio, f show a photo of a bride in a wetsuit with swim fins on her feet and the groom with scuba gear and a speargun.

People want to buy things on Facebook, but they want to be entertained and intrigued before committing. Exposure is an effective means: check out this blog about the power of being known through social media marketing.  


As to the copy, get to the point quickly. If in 10 words readers don’t know why they should click on your ad, your copy is vague and generic.

Choosing the right audience

Choose the right audience to increase your SEO and improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ads by being as specific and unique as possible. If you sell car massagers for drivers, concentrate on truck drivers, rather than the owners of a trucking company.

On the other hand, if you sell GPS equipment that helps dispatchers keep track of truck drivers, target CEOs and managers of trucking companies.

Placing keywords in your copy

Keywords are essential in Facebook ads and SEO. Some experts caution to use no more than twenty keywords, but that may be a stretch. Five to eight long-tail words for maximum efficiency is recommended. 

Call to action

Readers need to know what you expect when using your site. Do you want them to click a link to download a free eBook? If so, explain simply where to find the link, where it will take them, and then give it to them. It’s similar to having CTA’s on your ecommerce site, you want people to easily know what to do and how to do it. 

If you are advertising a free eBook, Provide the download page rather than losing your reader by making them hunt for the next step. 

If you want them to order the next and best innovation in fishing rods, take them directly to your products page.


A presence on Facebook is a bit like meeting a partner for a romantic date. Take it slowly, with finesse rather than anticipate a home run. Some people are ready to buy immediately, others need gentle coaxing.

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