The Impact of Dynamic Content on UX

Source:   Dynamic content has been proven to increase time spent on websites because of the improved user experience it entails. And coupled with personalized usability of pages, proper implementation will inevitably lead to increased conversions as well. This has made dynamic content a UX trend that appears here to stay.   Below is […]

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How Integrating UI/UX Design In Mobile App Development Can Help Your Business Grow

mobile app development

At the moment, mobile app development is known to have risen very quickly to take center-stage in the tech industry. To this end, many top app development companies in India are already enjoying unprecedented success by implementing best practices for mobile design. However, it is sad to know that despite the growing trends currently experienced […]

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How UX Can Help App Designers Build Quality Apps

Like never before, the mobile application development industry is currently experiencing a stiffer competition giving rise to the vitality of two most significant terms which are User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). To this end, the importance of building an app with an attractive visual appeal for users to download cannot be overemphasized. In […]

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