Best Advice on Creating the Perfect CTA for a WordPress Site

Driving traffic by attracting more visitors is on a Must-Do list of every website owner. Even though there are many other strategies like engaging social media platforms, or incorporating inbound links, creating a call to action (CTA) has proven to be the most effective.

Statistics show the effectiveness of CTA, applied for different purposes:

  • Emails that contained at least one CTA saw an increase in clicks by 371% and in sales by 1617%;
  • A Facebook page that contains CTA will have a better click-through rate (reportedly at least by 285%);
  • Traditional end-of-post CTAs generate an increase in conversion rates by 1.5%, while welcome gates and a feature box can increase conversion rates by almost 25%.

If you use WordPress to power your website, you’re usually given various options to create a perfect CTA, from using plugins to creating your own original call to action.

But what’s the best option?

Here’s the best advice on creating the perfect CTA for a WordPress website.


Choose a CTA Popup Over a Regular CTA Button

The thing with standard end-of-post CTAs and CTA buttons is that their performance can be deficient. There’s a good chance that a visitor will not read till the end of the post to see the CTA or won’t notice a CTA button. By choosing a CTA popup over more traditional options, you will make sure that every visitor will see your invitation to learn more about your business.

A CTA popup can be used for multiple purposes, like:

  • announcing a new product;
  • for advertisement or notice about the sale;
  • promoting an upcoming event;
  • engaging new subscribers and potential customers, which is the primary goal of CTA.

Here’s an excellent example of a popup CTA:


Image credit: Marketing Profs

A right CTA popup always works better than a traditional end-of-post CTA or a CTA button, as it allows a visitor to see a clear value that a subscription to your website will bring.

Creating a CTA popup on WordPress is possible after downloading plugins. Here are some of them:

  • Popup Maker: this plugin can help you create various types of popups, including banner bars, notification popups, floating sticky popups, and even video lightboxes. Having a video CTA popup gets 380% more clicks than a standard CTA sidebar. And this plugin has all necessary features to edit such popups.
  • Popup Builder: much as the previous plugin, this one can help you create a customized pop-up window. You can add sound, a theme, and visuals.

Pro tip: with any CTA, it is essential to regularly track its performance. “Without necessary data, you cannot determine the efficiency of your CTA popups,” says Christopher James, a marketing specialist at Flatfy. “CTA popup statistics give you data on the number of times opened, average conversion time and rate, etc.” This data is essential to see, how well the CTA performs, and what needs to be changed.


Try a Sign-Up Form

CTA popups and buttons are great if you want to increase sales and engage more active customers. However, if you’re blog owner and only need more subscribers to your website, you can try a simple CTA sign-up form to invite people to follow your activity.

A typical CTA sign-up form looks like this:

Image credit: McDonald’s

Basically, a CTA sign-up form exists to invite people to subscribe to updates and news from a website. On a WordPress-based website, you can create a CTA sign-up form using the following plugins:

  • Contact Form by WPForms: this plugin makes it easy to create a 100% active sign-up form without any need in coding. This is a drag-and-drop sign-up form builder, which is entirely customizable.
  • Simple Sign-up Form: this plugin has a visual builder that allows you to create mobile-friendly sign-up forms. Last year, 52.2% of worldwide mobile traffic was generated through smartphones. So, it’s time to make your website fit for a mobile version, even your CTA sign-up form.
  • MailPoet: this is a generic WordPress plugin that creates and automates sign-up forms for your website. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much effort in terms of coding.

Pro tip: when creating a CTA sign-up form, try to keep it as simple as possible. You may desperately want to attract more subscribers, but too much pressure will have a negative effect.


Make Sure Your CTA is Personalized

Lastly, the rule of creating a perfect CTA is keeping it personalized. According to a Hubspot’s study, personalized CTAs convert 202% better.

Here’s what you need to remember to create a personalized CTA:

  • Make the visitors feel unique with phrases like “Just for you,” “You deserve the best,” etc.
  • Ignite the sense of urgency by saying that the offer is limited.
  • Provoke curiosity by unveiling a part of exclusive content in a CTA popup bar.

You may adjust a CTA to your needs, but keeping it personal is what will bring you some new subscribers.


Final Thoughts

Let’s finish this post with one more pro tip. Keep your CTAs as simple as possible. Overcrowding your website with too many CTA buttons, popups and sign-up forms will only drive away from the visitors. Don’t be too pushy. Instead, make it all about the visitor and how much you value their attention to your website.

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