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An article rewriter is software that rewords or rewrites an already written content, making it unique enough to pass plagiarism checker tools. An article rewrite tool basically replaces the original words with synonyms or changes the entire structure of the sentence.

Before the advancement and introduction of Artificial Intelligence, there was sole reliance on human writers to generate articles, but this proved to be both costly and time-consuming. The tool, on the other hand, can quickly produce ten and hundreds of rewritten articles automatically, whereas some tools work the manual way. They make suggestions for the new structured sentence or word, and it is for the user to decide whether they want to make the suggested changes or not.

These word changer tools can be used for students who have to use data from various sources to complete their assignments. They can simply compile the relevant information in one place and pass it through a rewriting tool. Pace and time are significant for businesses to survive in today’s era, and if you are an SEO specialist, then article conversion tools can do wonders for you. These tools can produce articles in thousands in a short time and by putting almost zero effort.

Do Article Rewrite Tools Work?

Whether an article rewriter works or not greatly depends on the tool, you are using. The market is flooded with both free as well as paid versions. Fortunately, we have some free spinning tools available in the market that are as good as the paid ones. However, it is important to look for the right paraphrasing tool that can convert your content into hundreds of unique versions without errors. The tool should not only convert words with synonyms or change the order of sentences; it should produce content that is both readable and understandable.

The article rewriter tools available in the market are designed for different purposes. Some are designed for students to help them in their academic writing while some produce content in a way that allows online stores to rank high up on search engines as both content and SEO go hand-in-hand. We will discuss some of the most prominent names of article rewrite tools that are available in the market for free.

Best Article Rewrite Tools and Software


Duplichecker is a free online paraphrasing tool that uses smart technology to generate content. The tool has been designed for both students and marketeers. Duplichecker not only rewrites the content but also allows you to check grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Hence the software ensures that the final output is absolutely accurate. You may directly upload the file or directly paste the material in the text box. So, visit Duplichecker and with just a few clicks, you will get your desired results.

Rewriter Tools:

This website offers free services to its users. This is a manual rewrite tool that allows you to make modifications the way you like. Other tools simply replace the word with synonyms, while this tool gives you multiple suggestions of alternate words that can be used. So, you may simply select the word that you think fits well in the sentence.


SmallSEOtools is one of the best free online article rewriters that allows you to produce unique and readable content. This easy to use software allows you to upload, drag, and drop your file or even copy-paste your material in the text box. It automatically produces the rewritten content for you, and in case if you are not satisfied with the final result, then the tool allows you to rephrase the content again. It is by far the most trusted software in the market.

Project Topics:

This easy to use the website is another free tool capable of generating hundreds of new articles for you. The performance is quite similar to the other tools that have been discussed. It does not only produce an error-free content but also ensures it contains no grammatical errors.


SearchEngineReports can spin any article into readable content. All you need to do is paste your text in the text box, and the tool will quickly produce our desired results, and you do not need to pay a dime for the services. This easy to use software not only allows you to upload files from your desktop but also from Dropbox and cloud, a feature not all online tools offer. With the final result, you have the option to either download the report or share the URL of your spun article.

Which Article Rewrite Tool Should You Really Go For?

With all the best options discussed above, you may test out all of these to check which one will best suit your needs. These paraphrasing tools will undoubtedly help users save a lot of time. The best part is these tools allow you to check grammar mistakes as well as plagiarism. So, make a smart choice and pick the one you think has the best potential to produce quality content.

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