Smart Ways to Win On Instagram In 2020

Going to go big on your Instagram in 2020 – then you need to have a great strategy and also some understanding of what works. These tips are here to help you navigate just that and take your account to new heights.

Create Meaningful Content to Gain More Followers

Instagram allows brands to tell their story using images. As such, make sure every post you publish is high quality and supports your brand’s image. Before you post anything, ask yourself one question: “How will this grow my account?” Your Instagram grid must, at all times, reflect your business’ aesthetic. Remember, one ‘out of place’ picture could ruin your grid. When posting photos, make sure you apply the same filter and use one palette. Pick a unique theme and center all of your images around it. Also, do your best to ensure the videos and photos you post are engaging and communicate your values.  Want to grow your audience on Instagram? Consider using the 60/40 rule: for every ten photos you post, six should be of the service or product you offer, and four should be of stock photos, user-generated content, lifestyle, and relatable quotes.

Perfect Instagram Captions

Instagram was designed for images; however, captions are the platform’s money-makers. When creating captions, make sure that they provide insight into your company, value, and context. Avoid describing your photos. Instead, tell the story behind them using your brand’s voice – doing so will help you connect with your audience. Ask questions and have users tag their friends. Work on the ‘social’ part of social media.

Hashtag with Feeling

Using hashtags will increase your engagement on Instagram by 12 percent. As such, consider creating the perfect set of hashtags by brainstorming a list of unique adjectives your target audience would likely use to describe you as a business or brand. After all, they’re the ones searching for your brand or business. Thinking like your target audience is one of the best ways to garner more followers on Instagram. Focus on specific communities and find happy mediums between the most popular hashtags and those that’ll get you the results you want. About 5,000 to 8,000 posts with specific hashtags will signal a sufficient amount of exposure that’s industry-specific without getting overlooked. So, consider compiling a list and dividing it into about six sets of ten to twenty niche-specific hashtags for rotation. Keep this list handy and use it to switch things up every now and then. Most brands/businesses on Instagram use between ten and twenty hashtags, although you are free to use up to thirty. Here is a good formula for you to consider – use ten hashtags to promote your post’s content, ten to target your audience, and ten for brand relevance and location.

Practice and Improve Your Storytelling

Stories are some of the most powerful marketing tools available today. Including quick updates, exclusives, and behind-the-scenes help build brand identity and connects your audience to your brand or business at the moment. To increase your reach, use your brand voice using words and images. However, ensure that they have a ‘live view’ sort of feeling. Instastories are live or active for 24 hours, so be cheesy or goofy – after all, the evidence will disappear once 24 hours are over. Make use of Instagram’s ‘Stickers’ feature to include relevant hashtags and locations to help your ‘Stories’ appear on the platform’s Explore Page, which will help increase your reach as a brand. Use Instagram’s Question feature to save and connect your best Stories as Highlights you can use to recap your brand for new followers and visitors. Highlights act as an interactive description and are located under your bio.

Engage Fans

Something worth noting about Instagram’s algorithm is that engagement is one of the main things it considers when determining how many users it will show a post.

Posts with a considerable amount of engagement will appear in more user feeds on Instagram.

Posts that have lots of engagement may even be featured in the Platform’s Explore tab or in the top hashtag posts, which means a far greater reach and increased chances of gaining even more followers. One way to engage people is to get lots of likes and views and a fast way to do this at first is to purchase them – here is a good guide on how to buy Instagram views.

As such, consider engaging your followers often by replying to or liking the comments they make. As they took the time and effort to check out your posts and comment on them, it is good that you reciprocate by replying and keeping the conversation going (it shows you care.) At Buffer, we employ the use of Buffer Reply to quickly and easily respond to our fans on Instagram and other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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