7 Tools That Will Definitely Keep You Away From Getting Burnt Out As a Freelance Writer

It sounds good being your own boss, but that means that you have to be the accountant, the secretary, and the manager all in one. And it could become overwhelming when you are dealing with a large number of clients since you have to meet all the deadlines and make schedules and invoices on time. Things will definitely get out of hand if you have a collection of disorganized spreadsheets and documents or using cheap tools that don’t seem to get the job done. This will not only cause mental exhaustion, but it is a one-way ticket to nervous breakdown city.

When you are unorganized, you risk missing deadlines, delivering poor quality work and also losing clients. But there are a set of tools that will help you through the course of your writing career and these include; we have categorized them into 7 categories


Project Management: Asana

This is one of the most recommendable projects management tools and will be very useful. It provides an incredible visual representation of your projects and tasks. With large tasks, you can easily break them down into smaller and manageable parts. Basic features include; Create tasks and subtasks: Re-usable project templates: Assign dates and due dates of projects: Dashboards that help you check the progress of the projects among others

There is a free version and a Premium version. The free version, however, has limited features but could still be helpful


Job Search: Contena

For new freelancers, you might not start up with many clients, and there are days you will not have any job at all. However, with Contena, it is easy to search for jobs since it curates from all over online. If you are an essay writer, you can use this tool to filter your preferred freelance writing niche. More so, you can learn how to write the best essays using samples from online websites. The best technique is to search for my favorite essay samples website, and you will have tons to choose from. These samples will save you from mental exhaustion while trying to figure out how to write a certain essay or the format of the paper.


Calendar: Google Calendar

As a freelance writer, most of the time you are always glued on your screen while juggling numerous projects and trying to beat deadlines. And it is recommendable to check out the week, or month ahead which allows you to schedule jobs and notice deadlines. Google calendar is free and easy to use. Planning your work will enable you to work before deadlines, and you will not feel overworked. Basic features include; Create, edit and schedule events, reminders, and notifications for deadlines; Sync with other Google applications such as Gmail.


Graphics and Image Editing: PicMonkey

As a freelance writer, you can never be sure what to expect from your client’s specifications. There are those who will ask you to include a specific graphic, and in the case where you are not very conversant with image editing, PicMonkey will come in handy. It is super easy, and after signing up, you can utilize the 7-day free version.


Editing: Grammarly

When editing your own work, it is at times hard to notice some mistakes, and the last thing you would want is to deliver substandard work with grammar or punctuation errors. However, with Grammarly, you can easily track mistakes in the content and any issues with sentence construction such as redundancy.  It not only indicates the error but also gives you suggestions of correcting them. The free version is limited in the number of times you can check, but you can always choose the premium version which only goes for $11/month.


Invoicing: Freshbooks

As a freelancer, it is tedious to keep track of your finances since you are dealing with a lot of clients. It would be demotivating if you worked extremely hard and failed to receive payments since you failed to send an invoice or you aren’t sure how much the client owes you. However, with Freshbooks, it is easy to keep track of your finances with the help of the dashboard. After signing up, you can use the 30-day trial version with no limitation to the feature usage.


Storage: DropBox

Dropbox allows you to store projects to the cloud and you don’t have to worry when your computer clashes as you can easily retrieve the documents. Even better, any work you save on the Google Drive can be stored in Dropbox in Microsoft Word format.  One of the features of Dropbox that best suits writers is the fact it creates an offline copy on your computer such that you can access the documents even with no internet connection.


Final Word

If you are a new freelance writer, you may have heard that this job can burn you out and you are wondering what does it mean to burn out? Well, if not careful, you could face much more than burning out. For starters, you could lose clients in the blink of an eye. However, it is not bad as it sounds since with the tools we’ve discussed, you will be able to manage your workload and also complete task faster. With quality work, you will retain your clients, and they will have confidence in assigning more work. Don’t ignore the financial tools as they will help you make invoices and keep track of unpaid projects.

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