Doing It Right: 11 Steps To Better Blogger Outreach

Have you noticed how some blogs appear to come from nowhere and in a matter of weeks they are all over Twitter and Facebook? And in no time the individual behind the blog is everyone’s favorite expert in the field? Does it annoy you? Well, if you are a blogger who cannot seem to get headway in attracting more traffic to your blog, despite having excellent content, this is annoying. Bloggers who become successful in attracting large audiences to their websites do so by adopting a straightforward approach, blogger outreach.

Blogger outreach is an essential technique of enhancing your online presence and enjoying numerous SEO benefits among them how to acquire good quality links. Failure by you the blogger to modernize blogger outreach strategy and developing a standard template email for all your contacts fails to help you build strong relationships with other bloggers. You may be wondering how to reach out to bloggers. The team at CustomEssayOrder has come up with several steps that you can follow to build your blogging profile and increase traffic to your website.  


Step 1: Identify your bloggers well.

Blog outreach is all about the relationships you make. Begin by creating a list of bloggers within your field of interest that you want to develop relationships with and tap into their network. Create a worksheet that will contain the names of all bloggers and their information, starting with the names of blogs you know. For example, if your blog is about healthy eating, simple recipes or healthy cooking blogs would be the first ones to note down.

Next, use custom essay services and research other relevant blogs that you may not know. Utilize blogger outreach tools such as Alltop, Google search, and Technorati among others to find them. Also, get the contact information of these bloggers. Getting this information may be tricky, but you can always reach out to them through various social media platforms to inquire how you can reach them.


Step 2: Warm up to the bloggers before making the pitch.

Now that you have identified prospective bloggers and gotten their contact information do not jump the gun by making the request straight away. Not every blogger in your field of interest will be right for you. Thus, developing a relationship first will inform you of this. Employ subtle approaches such as reading and commenting on their blogs, communicating with them on social media and sharing their content on your blog. In this way, you open a line of communication between the two of you.


Step 3: Tailor your pitches to each blogger

Any blogger who has been in the field for a while will identify a pitch pattern, even without reading your full email and will be unwilling to respond to your messages. CustomEssayOrder is in the opinion that you should spend more time in your pitches, developing a targeted offer that is unique to each blogger. Highlight an article you read on their website and explain why it interested you or what you found profound. It will make the blogger feels exceptional and respected, as well as, believe you are serious about working with them.


Step 4: Utilize visual content

Visual content is paramount in this day and age, as more than eighty percent of people read material that has visual content. Likewise, researchers note that content with appropriate images attracts more views than those without pictures. Blogger outreach services should utilize eye-catching proposals, which inform bloggers that you are capable of making your posts appealing to the eye through graphics.


Step 5: Create constant lines of communication

“A relationship between you and a blogger extend beyond them posting your blog on their website,” said Kenny Gill, an experienced content writer at CustomEssayOrder. Keeping the relationship going is beneficial to both sides. It can give you an opportunity for collaborating with the blogger and give you more opportunities to raise your profile by having more of your work featured on the blogger’s website.

Tips for bloggers to maintain communication include, sharing your working relationship with a blogger on your social media platforms, show appreciation through an email and adding them to your mailing list. Also, move the connection to the next level through Skype or meeting face to face if they live in your vicinity.


Step 6: Examine further fields

Concentrating on your current field is okay; however, expanding into perspectives you had not thought of before can boost your traffic. Reaching out to a broader area for your information opens up a whole new audience for your information, making your blog lucrative.


Step 7: Emphasize on the advantage you bring to the table.

As much as bloggers may be willing to help you put your name out there, they do not enjoy the use of their efforts to build links. A majority of them have invested time and effort to create the successful and favorite blogs they have without turning them into channels for other people’s connections. When seeking their help, focus on what you bring to the table and how beneficial your content would positively impact their audience. In this way, the bloggers will enjoy a reciprocated symbiotic relationship.


Step 8: Connect with bloggers through real-life outreach.

Carrying out a blogger outreach does not have to be just through online communication. With the necessary resources, consider staging a blogger event whereby bloggers who share a common field with you get to visit your event, use your services and interact with your team, as a way of getting an in-depth understanding of your brand.


Step 9: Keep it simple.

A majority of the bloggers you will want to work with juggle diverse responsibilities at one given time. Therefore, they have limited time. A blogger outreach best practice is making your pitch as brief as possible by including only the relevant information that the recipient will be interested in reading and helping them make a quick decision.


Step 10: Employ analytics to assess your performance.

Writing services professionals at CustomEssayOrder observe that, with numerous analytical tools available in the market today, you should be in a position to assess the results of your outreach. Track all the responses from the awareness, and utilize the data you collect in one year, to help you improve your approach the following year.


Step 11: Request for blogger contribution

To improve your blogger outreach, consult with bloggers. You can send them surveys requesting them to assess your work from what you did best to what you should advance. You can also seek their recommendations, which will help develop essential networks.

Conducting a blogger outreach is a valuable way of expanding your audience base and strengthening your credibility. You have to put in a lot of work to enjoy prolonged success. By following these steps, you are sure of perfecting how to outreach.

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