5 practices of a highly successful entrepreneur

Working in an entrepreneurial company scared the s**t out of me, at the beginning. It was a personal choice to leave an advertising agency I was working in, and it seems to be the best choice I’ve made in the past 5 years since entering adulthood. It scared me because it was something like I have never experienced before.

It is not a secret that entrepreneurs have very specific rituals, but the beauty of these rituals is that they are so so different from anything I have ever seen. It’s been quite some time in Creative Tim, so here’s what I consider healthy work practices, seen and practiced by our CEO, Alexandru Paduraru, who just entered Forbes 30 under 30 top and made the first million.

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

1. Successful innovators always value and choose alternative routes

Doing things the usual way is not an option. Entrepreneurs have a different mindset and they always try to find a nonconventional solution to a problem.

2. Successful people always seek mentors

One of the things successful people have in common is that they seek out wise mentors. Mentors usually have reached a level of success in their professional experience and a young entrepreneur will always seek mentorship and guidance from them. A smart entrepreneur knows he or she can’t do it all alone, and this could make a big difference between success or failure.

3. Successful entrepreneurs have a third eye – never – never stop asking questions

Reading a book instead of having a beer – that’s what I call innate curiosity. Alex, our CEO, read continuously self-development books, entrepreneurship books, attend networking events and meet new people, on a daily basis. In fact, we have a full book library in the office, at our disposal and our colleagues read every day, after lunch.

4. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with compatible people

If it fits, I sits, right? Smart entrepreneurs surround themselves with like-minded people, who have similar values and goals. They put themselves in an environment where they can talk about their ideas and grow in a creative sense. You can feel the excitement floating in a room full of entrepreneurs because they have one thing in common: the passion for creation.

5. Successful entrepreneurs are extremely open and transparent with their employees

As the majority of you have experienced, working in a corporation gives you very little – or at all – access to the company’s status, evolution or financial matters. Of course, it’s almost impossible to do that when you have 40+ employees, but that’s the beauty of working with a smart entrepreneur: he will give you info on future plans, the overall status and very sincere 1 to 1 feedback sessions.

These 5 practices will not guarantee you success, but practicing them will help you strive towards your goals.

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