The Clash of Ready-Made Titans – Monstroid2 vs Divi vs Avada

In this World, everything is about the degree. You can’t tell the views from the Empire State Building are the best in your life, unless all you have watched during your life from up in your window was a raccoon digging into the trash can. You can’t also claim that Italian gelato is the best, because you need to try the one-year-old ice-cream from the bowels of your freezer first. What we mean, is that you have to try things first to arrive at the understanding of acceptable and unacceptable features of the product that affects its quality directly.

Colorlib team, believe it or not, have seen a lot of web design stuff, so we know for sure, which characteristics indicate the highest quality of the product. And today’s article is about WordPress themes. Not ordinary themes, but widely advertised ones. We are talking about the Monstroid2, Divi, and Avada. Let us guide you through some key points that you have to analyze carefully before considering the actual purchase:

  1. Price
  2. Customization capabilities
  3. Page Builder
  4. Plugins

There are some good reasons we decided to compare these 3 themes. First of all, it is multi-purpose. Thus and so, every single person can pick any of it and adjust it in accordance with the project needs. And, of course, it is Premium, which makes each this theme extremely powerful and compatible with a bunch of WordPress tools.


1. So, what is the cost of these WordPress treasures?

Monstroid2 Divi Avada
$75 $89-$249 $69/89 year, $249 – lifetime

As you can see, the price of each theme is pretty the same. Still, Divi and Avada themes have different pricing plans for themes, such as Personal, Developer, and Lifetime Access. That is sort of great, as it gives some extra options to choose from. However, it can be a bit confusing for those, who need a theme right now and have no time to decide which plan to choose. So, it is totally up to you which theme to pick. So, just make sure the project meets your budgetary line.


2. What ready-made options you get?

Monstroid2 Divi Avada
20+ Skins 7 Skins
100+ Page templates 40 Page templates 32 Page templates
500+ Blocks 43 Blocks 37 Blocks
20+ Footer styler 5 Footer styler 10 Footer styler
20+ Header styler 7 Header styler 5 Header styler
50 Blog layouts 6 Blog layouts 4 blog layouts
30+ Demos 22 Demos

Okay, we have a clear winner in the customization capabilities category, which is Monstroid 2. The figures speak for themselves so we cannot remain indifferent to them. The difference in the number of available blocks is huge, and this factor can become crucial in the process of the decision making. These blocks constitute a set of basic elements that in conjunction comprise a ready-made part of the theme, that you can save and use for your further projects. The main benefit of a large number of blocks is that you can construct as many templates as you want, save and reuse it for different skins, which widens customization capacities of your theme.


3. How to make it all together?

It is a good question that has a simple answer. Drag-and-drop page builders have already become the one and only solution of the web design creation process. Which is not a surprise, since it excludes any interaction with code and allows you to change your website design in a get-what-you-see manner. Each “hero” of this article comes packed with a page builder.

Monstroid2 Divi Avada
Elementor Builder Divi Builder Fusion Builder

Divi Builder has a wide compilation of builder modules that you can use to build layouts with no coding skills. Simply use a large spectrum of configuration options. With this builder, you get Advanced Design Settings, which allow you to adjust colors and typography very quickly so you can make your website reflect the custom style of your project.


The intuitive interface of Fusion Builder will be very useful for web design beginners. You can add any type of content everywhere on the page. It lets you experiment with the page structure and make it look unique, filling it with columns, buttons, and other elements. Also, there is an option to save your custom content. So, you can share your custom made full page layout with other users.


Elementor is a king of page builders and the absolute bestseller. More than 1000000 users prefer to build their WordPress website with this builder. It also has endless drag-and-drop abilities and the interface that turns the theme adjustment into a child’s play. It consists of 3 working areas:

  • Elementor Example – the part of the page that allows you to watch the page as a visitor and see what you get at the end of the customization process.
  • Elements – it is the area, where you can find all the elements. Simply drag them around to make it work.
  • The area with small, additional features.

All these builders are glorious and dramatically simplify the website customization. However, Elementor Page Builder is a number one choice, when it comes to a WordPress website. In fact, as the majority of WordPress themes come compatible with Elementor, you can freely use your custom templates for other themes.


4. How to boost the website power?

Easily – use plugins, which are sets of functions combined into a single tool. Plugins aimed to enrich the functionality of your website and make it more efficient.

Monstroid2 Divi Avada
Free Elementor

10+ JetPlugins:










Divi Builder Fusion Builder

Fusion Code

Revolution Slider

Layer Slider

  • Revolution Slider is a tool for diversified content demonstration
  • Layers Slider allows to make extra layers and use animation for galleries and slideshows.
  • JetElements is a pack of additional modules for Elementor.
  • JetMenu allows to create menu via live builder and enrich it with content modules and dropdown functionality.
  • JetBlocks is a widget for customization of a Footer and Header areas, helpful in terms of filling it with an additional information. Then, you can use it to insert a Hamburger menu without touching a single line of code.
  • JetBlog – an advanced tool to design a blog with. It has lists, titles, text ticker, video playlist, and other features. In general, it makes the content highly-customizable and efficient.
  • JetThemeCore is an add-on for Elementor, that allows you building WooCommerce Single Product page template and use it for your e-commerce project.
  • JetTricks is a collection of visual effects: Parallax, Sticky, View More, Unfolding, etc.
  • JetReviews is a powerful e-commerce weapon, that makes it possible to create ratings and reviews on your website.
  • JetTabs ensures free and smooth tabs and accordion blocks customization.


So, let’s sum up this epic about three WordPress titans. All these themes, undoubtedly, extremely beneficial for every person, who wants to go online with some project. It has lots of pre-made skins, that will suit the needs of bloggers, corporates, e-stores, freelancers, and other niche representatives. Even though, the theme customization eliminates any interplay between you and HTML. Still, the code of each piece is super-clean. It is optimized for SEO and speed, which simplifies the search engine indexation. Plus, you and your visitors will delight in a smooth breakneck work.

Naturally, each theme is fully-responsive. Regardless of the changes that you add by means of the drag-and-drop builder, all elements adjust to a website and establish an incomparable look on any device.

Divi theme will cost you $69 per year. And the Lifetime access to the theme will cost you a tidy sum of $249

Avada theme has a proprietary license that makes it necessary to buy this theme again and again, once you need it for another project.

Monstroid2 offers users a Single Product license, which means you can use it for one project.

However, the fact this theme comes fully-packed with Elementor functionality makes it useful for your future projects. An absolutely flexible and adjustable layout of Elementor page builder makes it possible to create a website skin of any complication. Then, you can turn your wildest web design fantasies into a template. And at the end of the day, you are able to use it for any theme that is compatible with the Elementor page builder, which is a significant body of ready-made WordPress themes market.

These themes are quite similar. However, the last update of Monstroid2 turned this just a nice theme into a real WordPress monster. Not to mention, you can see it beats the most powerful and respectable competitors in all categories. After all, it forces us to reconsider the idea of a true WordPress quality and follow higher standards while searching for a web representation issues resolving.

Monstroid2 vs Divi vs Avada

We would be happy to hear your feedback on each of this theme. So, which one would you choose for your project and why? After all, do you think it is better to pick a ready-made bestseller or go for a custom design elsewhere? Feel free to share your thoughts right under this article.

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