8 Online Editing and Proofreading Tools Content Writers Should Know About

Whether it is just a comma, extra space, or a grammatical mistake, a proofreading tool will definitely help you spot something that you may not have noticed. A significant percentage of proofreaders and copy editors use various online tools to help them with their daily tasks. At least, you won’t be needing to stare at the screen searching for that extra space for a long time. Here are the best and most used 8 online editing and proofreading tools that will definitely assist you and help you get your work done faster:



You can guess what it does from its name, but it is not just about correcting the grammar mistakes in your text, it also has a plagiarism checker that you can use to check if the content that you have written exists elsewhere on the internet. It is not only useful for content writers, but for college students who have to write papers and reports from time to time. You can also add its extension to your browser, and it will correct everything you type whenever you make a post on social media or write an e-mail. It can also detect if you confused a word and wrote it instead of another word in a sentence despite its spelling.



Are you ready to take the challenge? If yes, then visit Proofreadbot. I believe this website’s capabilities is outstanding when it comes to proofreading as it is continuously being challenged by many proofreaders from around the world. They offer you to spot an error that their tool couldn’t catch, and in return, you can receive 25000 words for pro checking for free.


OK Essay:

If you are a college or a university student, then this site will definitely come to your help. Many students are worried continuously about their writing skills when it comes to writing essays and papers. Well, through this website you can get in touch with an experienced academic professional in your field of studies which will definitely help with your task, by either writing your paper or providing you with the help you need.


Proof Reading Tool:

That is actually the name of the tool. If you remove the spaces and add .com at the end, it will take you directly to their website. The website indeed offers a lot of cool features for proofreading as it can spot word misuse, misspellings, redundancy, awkward or vague phrases, passive phrases, and even slang words. It could be a content writer’s favorite tool as it is efficient and timesaving.


Slick Write:

I have to admit that they offer a lot of value-free for anyone to use. You can even adjust the proofreading settings of the website according to your own preferences. It also helps you use various vocabulary by suggesting different words and prepositions that you can add to your text. The website has a very friendly and simple interface that anyone can use, and it takes you to a quick demo tour to show you how to use it probably as soon as you visit the website.


Paper Rater:

If you want to get a reasonable estimate of your writing skills, then this is the perfect online tool for you. All you have to do is to paste your essay or paper on this website, and it will automatically give you a score based on your writing skills. Also, it will also check all the errors in your text and show them to you. It can be an excellent way for you to work on your writing skills online.


Language Tool:

If you have been looking for a tool that can proofread more than one language in the same text, then visit this website. It can correct more than 20 words, and it has an extension that you can use on Chrome, Google Docs, and Firefox. You can start using it right away by pasting the text on the website and then choosing the languages used in the text.


Readability Checker:

If you want to know how readable your text is, visit this website. That is a very nice feature that I haven’t found yet on other websites. Anyone can write anything he wants, but that does not mean that the reader will always understand. The site helps you grab the reader’s attention right away after he starts reading your text or essay, and it mainly helps you by providing the average reader’s age who can merely understand your text. Also, based on that information, you can select your target audience.

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