Why Technographic Data Is a Modern-Day B2B Marketer’s Best Friend?

Knowing who is in for your product or service is the first step in becoming a successful B2B marketer. If you want to sell advanced machine solutions to Glaxo Smith Kline, you would not be sending out e-mailers or sneak previews to all 99300 of its employees, right? You would rather be looking at the VPs of engineering and manufacture in the organizational hierarchy.

Technographic data allows you to segregate between the data sets and brings forth customized solutions as per your needs. Specifications and behavior data in techno graphics can double up as determining factors to drive B2B marketing campaigns. Read this post to know why technographic data is a boon for all B2B marketers in the current times.


An abundance of resources: technographic data and B2B marketing

As a B2B marketer, you can use technographic data to look deep into various matters of your target groups, and drive future marketing campaigns based on the same. Since the entire selling and marketing process in B2B marketing involves convincing various people at specific hierarchical levels, decoding target company insights can help you hit a home run with all of them. Here are a few advantages of using technographic data for shaping your B2B marketing strategies.

  • Enables informed decision-making

Technographic data can sometimes make you feel invincible, and here’s why that is not a hyperbole. Techno-graphic data helps in making better decisions for your business. Let’s say you provide course materials to online coursework help providers and are looking for ways to improve the quality of your products. One look at the technographic standings of your competitors will let you know about the gaping holes that your company can swiftly fill. Cash in on the shortcomings of your competition, and stay a step ahead at all times. Using technographic data, you can redesign the course materials and go for an all-out marketing campaign.


  • Combines the best of big data formats

Taking into account the data-driven results from the past and looking ahead with market predictions, technographic data can end the divide between prescriptive and predictive data analysis techniques. The best outcomes from data arise when all forms blend to create a dynamic picture, and technographic data does just that.

For example, if you are dealing in kitchenware for the F&B industry, techno-graphic data can not only give you an accurate account of hotels and restaurants in your area that are in need of, say, all-purpose silicone mold, but also their purchase history and behavior in the past. Getting ahead of your competition using technographic data is thus one of the smartest moves you can make as a B2B marketer.


  • Driving home your marketing practices

Technographic datasets actually allow you to see how companies have gone on their cloud journey through changing times. With technology advancing at a breakneck pace, not many organizations can match steps with the same. As they are making the transition from hardware data storage to cloud formats, you can identify the ones in need of a cloud solution for their organizations within the next six to twelve months. B2B marketers with insights about the number of employees, funding patterns and industry structure can proceed towards driving home their marketing strategies targeted at offering prompt solutions. Making use of the techno-graphic data is all it takes in converting your sales pitch from what was initially just a lead.


  • Bridges the gap between old and outdated data sets

Move over big data, for it is the age of data chunking into smart models. Using data as per the requirements and filtering your search through advanced data segmentation tools have given rise to gathering insights using techno graphics formats. Not all companies can keep up the pace with changing time in tech solutions and data management systems. Using technographic data for your marketing research in the B2B level can thus help you figure in outdated data as well.

In fact, modern-day B2B companies providing smart software solutions for data management to large organizations can benefit from the data they gather. They can always approach large organizations using outdated data management systems to switch to modern and more efficient software solutions for data management.


  • Provides excellent marketing solutions

When you are a B2B marketer, a lot depends on how you interpret the insightful behavior data gathered through techno graphics formats. While techno graphics can provide a better comprehensibility of new technologies, the amount of prevalent tech comfort, the scale of operations, and the volume of transactions for your target group of companies. If you are a B2B marketer specializing in automobile parts, then technographic data can present you with a list of all automobile companies using an older format of GPS solutions for their cars. You can then market your updated GPS system solutions to those companies by using the technographic data that you gather on them.


Parting words

Be it preparing a data sheet with predictions about the market or creating personalized content through data-driven tactics, techno-graphics can be a B2B marketer’s best pal in the modern age of tech-based digital marketing. As we progress towards a more technologically dependent era, the need to switch to advanced modes of data interpretation is undeniable. Make your organization flourish from the insightful data that you uncover using techno graphics, and you can be rid of the worries of becoming outdated in the future. Keep updating your strategies as per the technographic data results, and you can bring in more revenue by the day. Good luck with your future endeavors!


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