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Top 3 things to know when writing a creative brief

You will make your life and others easier if you just get that creative brief correctly formulated. Especially if you work in a creative industry, giving the proper directions is crucial. A creative brief provides the vision and guardrails for all work to be done on a creative project. The brief summarizes marketing touchpoints and makes it easier for both client and agency side representatives to keep track of their progress.

creative brief

Here are the top 3 things to consider when writing a creative brief.

Be brief

Synthesize the important information concisely and clearly. But at the same time, don’t assume prior knowledge. Audience data, brand guidelines, content assets, and previous marketing programs can all be helpful to the content developers. Briefing means saying complicated things in an easy way, so start with some simple questions: Why do I want what I want and what’s my goal?

Use simple words

Describe the project, the business challenge, and the opportunity specifically. Don’t forget that real art is not to come up with extraordinary clever words but to make ordinary simple words do extraordinary things. To use the language that we all use and to make amazing things occur. (Graham Swift).

Know your audience

Know the audience the project is intended for and what they see as the product, service, or brand’s strengths or weaknesses. Although it may seem childish, it’s actually important to map out your buyer’s journey throughout the day: determine the hours he is more active, weekend activities and meal preferences. At the heart of an effective creative philosophy is the belief that nothing is so powerful as an insight into human nature, what compulsions drive a man, what instincts dominate his action, even though his language so often can camouflage what really motivates him.

Here you can find a pretty accurate creative brief guide.

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