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Change The Way People Explore

Create With Purpose

We love Tech. We love Nature. We work hard to make it easy for everyone to explore the world’s most beautiful places. Today, millions of people explore nature with our apps. Their experiences are what drives us and makes us smile everyday. Everybody at komoot is working towards this vision and we design our company to put as little as possible between you and bringing this vision to life.

It’s fun to work on a product which enables people to experience real world adventures.


Android Developer

Best In Class

  • Komoot inspires more than 30 million users to explore more of the great outdoors.
  • To this day our apps received more than 300.000 five-star reviews – and counting!
  • We’ve been awarded several times with Editor's Choice and App of the Year by both Apple and Google.
  • We’ve been official Launch Partner for several Apple, Google and Samsung Devices and Services and are working with the world's best brands.

Current Openings


Android Test Automation Engineer

We’re looking for an outstanding engineer to play a key role in scaling our testing process by automating our manual test suite and enabling our development teams to release faster with confidence. You’ll also have a strong QA mindset with a clear understanding of which user flows are critical for the product. If you have a passion for building and running UI test frameworks and think you have the skills to do a great job, we’d love to hear from ...

iOS Test Automation Engineer

We’re looking for an outstanding engineer to play a key role in scaling our testing process by automating our manual test suite and enabling our development teams to release faster with confidence. You’ll also have a strong QA mindset with a clear understanding of which user flows are critical for the product. If you have a passion for building and running UI test frameworks and think you have the skills to do a great job, we’d love to hear from ...

People & Organization Manager

Our fast-growing company is looking for a People & Organization Manager to empower our team members to thrive and reach their full potential. That’s the logic that drives all the People initiatives we design. We pioneered fully remote work in 2017. Since then, we’ve been refining and crafting the way we work together across more than 20 countries. As part of the People & Organization team, you’ll play a critical role in making us the favored employer for the best ...

Senior iOS Developer

You’ll team up with five world-class iOS engineers and take over full responsibility for our iOS app. Touching all parts of the iOS app, your work will make outdoor adventures easily accessible to our users. You’ll develop diverse features for navigation, routing, social interaction, and content visualization that will make your work challenging and fun. Ready for your next adventure?

Senior Software Quality Assurance

You’ve got a head for processes and an eye for detail, and you love being the first to test new features in the wild. As a member of komoot’s Quality Assurance team, you'll play a key role in delivering new, bug-free features to our users worldwide. We work in cross-functional squads, so you’ll work with a range of people from product managers and designers to developers and data analysts to test and bring new features into the world. You’ll help ...

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Working At Komoot

Work Wherever You Thrive

While our headquarters sits in Potsdam, Germany, right on the shores of a beautiful lake, our team is spread out all over Europe. The big city? The mountains? A little house at the lake? You are grown up! We don't feel the need to babysit anybody, and we believe that only you know best which environments let you thrive. That's why we will support you 100% to work fully remotely, be that in one of our offices, a co-working space or from home — anywhere that's located between the timezones UTC-01:00 to UTC+03:00. All of our tools are in the cloud and weekly video catch up calls come naturally to us.

You will have freedom to define when, how and where to work, and that’s one of many reasons that will make you happy here.


iOS Developer

Grow Together and Embracing Our Curiosity

Komoot values exploring in every sense of the word – from finding new adventures out in the wild, to fostering our curiosity to keep learning. To stay close as a team, we all travel to amazing outdoor places several times a year. We exchange ideas, learn and go for hikes and rides. Kicking off spring in Mallorca? Winter in the Alps? That’s where we grow together. To keep our curiosity fire-stocked on a personal level, every komoot team member gets allocated dedicated time and budget to spend on classes, events, conferences, bootcamps or books of your choice.

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Work With People You Actually Want To Work With

Komoot hires the best folks to do what they love. That means selecting inspiring people who are experts in what they do, and who you will actually want to go on a hike or grab a beer with. Work alongside passionate outdoor folks from all over the globe, who are as enthusiastic about the outdoors as they are about creating.

You are working with experts in their individual fields. I never experienced such an interest and trust for the work of team mates.


Sales Manager

The Komoot Manifesto

Some values we live by every day. Here’s how we make outdoor exploration a reality.


We are builders & makers. We measure our own success by how impactful our work is. We put the user first. Always. We don’t do things just to do them, we do the right things to deliver maximum impact.


We hire people who are experts at what they do, and we give them the freedom to do it. With great freedom comes great responsibility. We consider the long view and effects on company and colleagues. Who’s the boss? You. Everybody. Our users.


Communication is all about understanding each other and talking is just the beginning. We share our ideas and learn from one another each and everyday. We listen to our users and each other to solve problems that matter. We share ideas, learnings and feedback with openness and clarity.


We love to learn. And we champion curiosity. No matter what our field of expertise, we’re always asking questions. Data scientists, copywriters and developers work alongside each other to solve problems for real outdoor fans.


We’re constantly improving. Some of us are real optimization nerds. We take nothing for granted and constantly strive for the best. We don’t believe in repetitive work, that’s why we don’t have a structure for it. Repetitive work is for machines ... and we’re not robots.

Your Future Partners In Crime

Community Manager

Raised in the city of Milan, Andrea is always searching for great outdoors activities to escape the city bustle, most of the time on his bike. Cycling is an essential part of Andrea’s life - from commuting to training and travel. With his strong passion for mountains, he loves to explore the Alps, no matter the season.

Finance Manager

Andrew was born, grew up and studied in the UK, but has lived in Germany for over 30 years now. An accountant by training and trade, he has worked for various German, UK, American, and Chinese companies… but tries to remain pragmatic, despite the pen-pushing image of accountants.

Community Manager - DACH Hiking

Never not outdoors. That’s Anne. With a true passion for sports she loves trail running, to hike, cycle, climb but also contemporary dance can be count to her essential movements. Not born and raised in the mountains, she must have gotten those mountain genes running through her veins even though she calls the German lowlands her home. To inspire others to just move and explore whatever surrounds and excites them, is her goal. Working as a project manager the last 4 years, she raised awareness for the topic of inclusion in sports, brought light into prejudice about disability in general and about sports with handicap in particular. For her it’s a matter of heart that diversity in sports should be natural.


Anja grew up in South Germany surrounded by fields, forests and vineyards. She is an avid lover of the great outdoors and spends as much time as possible in nature. She’s always been an adventurer and has travelled to many beautiful places across the globe. Since 2014 she is working on building a children’s home in Kenya, and therefore spends some time living in the middle of nature, in a tiny mud hut in the heart of Kenya. At komoot, Anja is part of the Customer Support Team and ensures first-class customer experience for outdoor lovers.


Annika is originally from Berlin but used to live in Sweden for four years and then moved to Portugal, where she lives currently. She is a lover of nature and all kinds of outdoor sports, especially climbing, cycling, sailing, surfing, hiking, inline skating or kite surfing. Annika has a mini - van and dreams about living on a sailboat. Maybe one day!

Android Developer

Arne was born and raised in Berlin. He studied applied informatics at HTW Berlin and FU Berlin. Early on, Arne was fascinated with Android development and fell in love immediately. He joined komoot in 2012.

Android Developer

Anton was born and grew up in the warm weather of Cuba. After starting a second life in Europe, he initiated a lengthy walk in user interfaces development, first in advertising agencies doing Flash, later Xamarin, iOS, and finally Android. He loves cycling and enjoys reading books about old Giro epics battles, but after many tries to become an average sportive person, deep inside admits dancing is his natural territory. He usually lives in Madrid but spends months in a small fisher town in Málaga, missing the Caribbean sea.

iOS Developer

Barbara was born in Argentina, in a small city in the middle of this big country. As a kid she spent her childhood playing with his brothers in different cities, while the family moved. She likes new challenges and learning new things, sometimes these things seems to be completely unrelated, but she finds the communication segue between them somehow. After studying 3 years of BS. in Psychology, she completely switched her focus and moved to another city to study Computer Sciences, a field that turned out to be her passion and that went better with her pragmatic personality. Barbara likes writing, a new discovered passion, reading and playing field hockey in her free time. She also loves cooking and travelling. Up to now she has discovered 16 countries. From 2014 she lives in the poor sexy amazing Berlin.

Web Developer

Born in a small town in Oregon, Ben grew up in a valley where he would fish, hike, ski, and mountain bike. An adventurous nerd, he itched for travel and left his town to explore the world and learn languages. When he’s not building things with code, Ben enjoys video games, cooking, learning about nature, or biking around southern France on his folding bike.

Director of Business Development

Ben was born and raised in the UK, but has lived and breathed the outdoors for many years. He has lived in the Canadian coastal mountains and the French Alps. He currently lives in the mountain mecca of Morzine, where he spends his free time chasing his two young children and wife around the local peaks. He keeps busy by climbing many of the 4000-metre peaks in the Alps on foot or on skis (searching for powder) and takes every opportunity to explore new routes by bikes of any form. He completed his MEng in nanotechnology at the University of Leeds and his MBA at the University of Bath.


Born and raised in the Tyrolean Alps, Betty pretty much did every sport one can do on, around and even under a mountain. She used to work as a graphic designer for several years - mostly in publishing - before she started her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Communication Management. Betty came to Berlin to gain some new work experiences in the Startup scene and now joined komoot. To cope with the missing mountains, she started to train mixed martial arts at MMA Berlin and got into road biking.

Community Manager MTB DACH

Calixta grew up in a nature- and mountain-loving family in Germany. After traveling around the world, she moved to Innsbruck for her studies and to live out her passion for the outdoors. In the mountains she is in her comfort zone and her greatest passion is mountain bike mountaineering – reaching hidden peaks with her bike on her back. To connect her passion for the outdoors with her professional life she has worked in the outdoors industry and as a mountain bike guide. Calixta is excited to encourage other people to find beauty in the small things and explore the world together with the Komoot team.

Cycling Community Manager NL/BE

Carola is a true Dutchie and grew up on a farm in the flatlands of the Netherlands. It’s therefore obvious that she loves cycling. After competing at an elite level she truly found the joy in cycling by going on gravel and mountain bike adventures with friends. After studying Business and HRM studies she started working in the cycling industry in sports marketing and events. Though not living in the mountains Carola loves to go there for cycling, hiking or skiing holidays. When not being on the bike, she likes a little bit of competition in playing tennis. Carola wants to inspire everyone to go outside, ride their bike and enjoy the outdoors.

People & Organization Manager

Hailing from the North of England, Cat fell in love with the outdoors on numerous outward-bound trips to the Lake District as a kid. After a visit to Morzine in the French Alps 11 years ago, she decided to move there, not only for the mountains but also for the fondue. Working in the startup space for the last 14 years she is passionate about people, systems and technology. Working remotely for the last 10 years skiing, biking and hiking are what keep her smiling. A morning person, she likes an early adventure before work and will encourage others to join with the promise of coffee at the top.


Catherine was lucky to grow up in Cape Town, South Africa, surrounded by mountains and the sea. As beautiful as the city is though, it’s small. After studying a media & writing degree she decided she wanted to see a little more of the world, so she set off for South America where she backpacked, hitchhiked and worked her way around for nearly two years. Finally she made her way to London where she likes seeking out good coffee, strolling along the canals and planning her next wild-camping trip.

Managing Editor

After a few years studying and working across the UK, the US, Switzerland and India, Chloé moved to the French Alps where she enjoys spending time out in the mountains. Trail running, backpacking, cycling and backcountry skiing are among her favorites, but pitch her any adventure outdoors and she’ll be in - as long as there’s a good ratio of physical effort, great views and cheese-based fuelling. When she’s not out on some trail, you can find her playing jazz, cooking, eating cheese, or enjoying a game of backgammon.

iOS Developer

Born and raised in the Eifel region in Germany, Chris discovered his passion for mountain biking in the lower mountain range. Looking for bigger hills, he moved to the sunny city of Freiburg, where he finished his Bachelor´s degree in Software Engineering, followed by a Masters degree in Data-Science in the alpine microcountry Liechtenstein. When not on his bike or running through the black forest, you will find him working on apps to solve everyday problems.

Co-founder, Backend

Though an Austrian at heart, Christoph also feels comfortable in the international and diverse city of Berlin. He studied physics and has a great passion for coding and tech innovations. Christoph loves to crack the hardest nuts as much as getting endorphins going by running in Grunewald.

English Copywriter

A native of the South Wales valleys, Craig grew up walking up hill - and he hasn’t stopped yet. A graduate of History, he has lived in three countries, before settling in Berlin in 2012. Craig’s two life passions are pretty simple pleasures: the outdoors and some well-written prose. As komoot’s English copywriter, he gets to experiment with both every day.

Co-founder, Mobile

Daniel is a tech and nature enthusiast who wrote his first computer program in the 90s. After studying computer science and working in the south of Germany, he came to Berlin to start working at komoot. During weekends and vacations, Daniel is conquering the world on bicycle and likes to go on hiking tours.


Born in beautiful but small Bamberg, Daniela was intent on discovering new places from an early age. An English and dramatics graduate, she loves using her language skills by traveling, watching the Doctor save the world (yet again) and diving into books. A water rat at heart, lakes, rivers and the seaside magically have always fascinated her. Biking to work come rain or shine, she indulges her inner couch potato by cooking, drawing, pleasing her neighbors with music or enjoying the region’s cultural offers. Her job at komoot perfectly combines her love for communication, creativity and exploration.

Sales Manager

Daniela was born in Vienna and grew up on the outskirts of the Austrian capital. Despite being from a flat part of Austria, she learnt skiing with 4 and loves wintersports since. She loves travelling and trying new sports while abroad, as well as exploring new foods from all over the world. Daniela has experience in Online Marketing and Sales / Business Development in AdTech, having lived in London and Berlin and is passionate about tech and how it can improve to world.

Senior Partnership & Sales

Having lived in Paris, Toulouse, Barcelona, Taiwan and New York, Diane loves to be on the move. She always has a project in mind that often includes traveling and adventure, however yoga keeps her grounded. Tech enthusiast and outdoor addict, when she’s not looking for new business partners, you’ll find her practicing her handstands in her favorite yoga studio in Paris or hiking in the Pyrenees.


Dmytro grew up in an industrial Ukrainian city, dreaming of mountains. Back in the days when the Internet was wild, he started experimenting with web design and development. After graduating electrical engineering he dived deep into interface design for all kinds of electronic devices—from video game consoles to smartphones. Since joining komoot he got involved into various outdoor activities, falling in love with cycling. When not working, Dima explores different places on a bike shooting videos abut his new adventures.

Customer Support

Eleonora grew up in the Swiss mountains where her passion for the outdoors evolved. When she reached adulthood, she decided to chase the winter seasons for a few years, moving between the northern and southern hemisphere and spending days upon days on her snowboard. After some more serious years at university, she strapped her belongings on a bike and travelled around the world with it for 10 months. As she returned to Europe, she decided to move to France, from where she is now helping people to explore the outdoors - as a part of our customer s