Our Journey:

Since 2014, Sendwave has allowed diaspora members from across Africa and Asia to send money abroad fast, saving our users over 70% relative to Western Union and MoneyGram. We’re coming off our biggest year ever, where we enabled over 30 million transactions on behalf of the diaspora communities we serve.

Despite the amazing growth, we’re still less than 1% of the global remittance market. If we want to make sending money anywhere in the world as easy and affordable as sending a text, we’ve got to scale even faster. That’s where you come in.

In 2021 we grew the Sendwave team by 135%, hiring 297 new employees across engineering, product, finance, compliance, growth marketing, customer support, and people ops. The team is more engaged than ever, with an eNPS of 50 and 94% of employees agreeing that their work contributes to Sendwave’s success. Yet we know the only way we’ll achieve our mission is if we can dramatically scale up our ability to hire egolessly mission-driven talent.

Current Job Openings

Business Development

Global Head of Business Development (Remote)
US, Canada, UK, Kenya, Senegal, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Rwanda


Director of Engineering (Remote)
Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Kenya, Poland, Senegal, UK, US
Engineering Manager (Remote)
Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Kenya, Poland, Senegal, UK, US
Senior Backend Engineer (Remote)
Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Kenya, Poland, Senegal, UK, US
Senior Developer Productivity Engineer (Remote)
US, Canada, Costa Rica, UK, Germany France, Kenya, Senegal
Staff Engineer (Remote)
US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Kenya

Growth, Distribution and Sales

IT and Security

Legal, Risk and Compliance

Risk Product Manager (Remote)
US, UK, Canada, France, Belgium

People Operations

Payroll Specialist (Remote)
United States, Canada
Payroll Specialist (Remote)
United Kingdom, Kenya, Australia