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Argon Dashboard

Free Dashboard For Bootstrap 4
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  • downloaded
1 month ago

Is there any way to change the range datepicker to a datetimepicker?

  • owner

Hi @arturocruz10 and thank you for working with our products. Unfortunately, we provide only datepicker in our Argon Dashboard. All the best, Rares!
1 month ago

waldireto 13 days ago

Can I integrate into ionic 5? if so how do you do it?

  • owner

Hello @waldireto and thank you for working with our products! Unfortunately, we are not working with ionic 5 so we can not give you details on how to integrate it, but our designs works perfectly with any integration. I hope it helps. All the best, Rares!
13 days ago

  • downloaded
7 days ago

`gulp compile:scss` gives the following error; `ReferenceError: primordials is not defined at fs.js:27:35`

  • owner

Hi @lijav and thank you for working with our products! Please try 'gulp compile-scss', it should work fine. Please let me know if it works. All the best, Rares!
6 days ago

  • downloaded
10 hours ago

I purchased the template tonight (Bootstrap + Sketch) but it's still listed as pending 30 minutes later and I don't see a download link on my dashboard. Can you please help? Thank you

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