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Free Frontend Preset for Laravel

Product description

Kickstart your next project with the Black Admin Dashboard built for Laravel Framework 9.x.

We partnered with UPDIVISION to give developers like yourself a fast and easy way to go from prototyping to a fully-functional web app. Backend included.

The free Laravel preset comes with 16 handcrafted components and out of the box login, register and profile edit.

Getting started:

  1. In your application's root create a presets folder
  2. Download an archive of the repo and unzip it
  3. Copy and paste black-dashboard-master folder in presets (created in step 2) and rename it to black
  4. Open composer.json file
  5. Add "LaravelFrontendPresets\BlackPreset\": "presets/black/src" to autoload/psr-4 and to autoload-dev/psr-4
  6. Add LaravelFrontendPresets\BlackPreset\BlackPresetServiceProvider::class to config/app.php file
  7. In your terminal run composer dump-autoload
  8. Run php artisan preset black command to install the Black preset. This will install all the necessary assets and also the custom auth views, it will also add the auth route in routes/web.php (NOTE: If you run this command several times, be sure to clean up the duplicate Auth entries in routes/web.php)
  9. Run php artisan migrate --seed to create basic users table

Handcrafted frontend components:

Black Dashboard Laravel includes 16 fully implemented components and 3 customized plug-ins designed to speed up your development. And make everything look amazing in the process.

The dashboard combines colors which are easy on the eye, spacious cards and beautiful typography and graphics, which makes it ideal for data visualization. All components can be easily customized using SASS files.

Ready to use CRUD:

Instead of investing time in doing the frontend – backend integration, you have a boilerplate which does the heavy lifting for you, including an out of the box login, register and profile edit.

Thorough documentation:

We also included detailed documentation for every component and commented code so you can follow along.

Example pages:

Whether you are looking for inspiration or simply want to offer your clients a quick glimpse, the pre-built example pages can jump start your next project. Switching from the pre-built examples to a real web app has never been easier.

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Black Dashboard Laravel - Fully Coded and Responsive HTML5
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Black Dashboard Laravel - Fully Coded Laravel
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Upgrade to PRO Version

Get more power with Black Dashboard Pro Laravel. It has a lot more features compared to the free version. We hope you will create awesome websites/templates with this product!

What is in Demo? What is in PRO Version?
Elements 16 200
Plugins 3 14
Examples Pages 7 26
Full Coded
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Premium Support

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