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Free One Page Bootstrap Template

Product description

Free one page item based on Bootstrap 3. Use Coming Sssoon Page to create a following group users before actually starting your project! it is light, easy to use and it helps you be in contact with your audience.

Why have a coming soon page and a subscription?

Because social media spreads your message, but email and content marketing help you establish a connection with your customers.

If you start up with this mentality, it will bring you nothing but good. So, when you think you have a hint of a product, try to validate it! Get user engagement, create social media account, set up your Mailchimp account and let people see it through a Coming Soon page.

It may sound complicated or you may be inclined to procastinate, but every step of the way is now made easier. Creative Tim's Coming soon page is a step in that direction. It is seasy to set up and customise to your needs. And it will help your customers get the main idea you are trying to create!

We encourage you to create honest connections with your potential clients. Take the first step and create a coming soon page, you've come to the right place!


The main focus behind the Coming Sssoon page was usability and customisation.

We covered a number of different uses for the page (standard website, application, video example and a restaurant custom page). Whatever your use is, we think you will find one that fits your needs.

The next step is getting the look you want to the page. We added custom filters (standard black, blue, green, orange, red) that give an edge to the page. We can't want to see what you choose and use! We adjusted the transparency of the filters so any image can look good. Go ahead, try and use your own! You'll see how great it looks with our design.

For more technical support, please visit tutorial page. We made a detailed description for every step you have to take to use this awesome freebie! If anything is missing or unclear, don't hesitate to let us know.


To help get inspired and jump start your project, we have created a set of pre-made examples:

That is it! Make your Coming soon page ROCK!

IMPORTANT - HTML - This is just an HTML and CSS built over Bootstrap 3 Framework. If you want to integrate a third party service for register emails we've made a tutorial here:  https://www.creative-tim.com/blog/web-development/set-mailchimp-custom-coming-soon-page/

IMPORTANT - Wordpress - If you are looking for the Wordpress Plugin please folow this link.

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