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22 Handcrafted Components

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  • Components · 22
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  • Examples Pages · 1
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  • owner
4 years ago

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

burt 4 years ago

So clever to use the word shit in the title. You're really pushing the envelope!!!! I wish I could be cool like you.

  • downloaded
4 years ago

Clean and beautiful! Thumb up!

  • downloaded
4 years ago

Best way to start a Bootstrap project!

  • downloaded
4 years ago

Hello! I am a fan of bootstrap, I am a lazy developer and I hate building interfaces, this is one of the best bootstrap extensions EVEEEEEEER! Keep it up! I've already tweet about it @iamajvillalobos :)

  • downloaded
4 years ago

I think this is great, and I already have a project in mind for this! Nice job.

  • downloaded
4 years ago

Nice work

  • downloaded
4 years ago

is it free for commercial use

  • downloaded
4 years ago

Nice compilation of UI kit, thanks to creative Tim.

  • downloaded
4 years ago

Great work! Making it easy to start projects... I like your style.

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