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Material Dashboard Pro React

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Learn more about Material Dashboard Pro React in the light demo version. It has features from the full version. We hope you will like this introduction to this product!

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  • Components · 200
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  • Example Pages · 28
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  • downloaded
3 days ago

Hello, I bought the product, I did not receive the confirmation email, I also tried to download and it gave me an error. I have the screen shots as evidence. my email is [email protected] Thank you

  • owner

Hello @felipeoto and thank you for your interest in using our product. As far as i can see, your order has been processed. Is this still an issue? Can you try again downloading? Best, Manu.
3 days ago

  • downloaded
2 days ago

Love your themes in general, I've used this theme and the Vue Paper Dashboard Pro theme, one suggestion I would have is to add swipe gestures to open and close the sidebar menus on mobile, I found that clients don't tend to think to simply tap outside the menu to close it, and sliding open is great, especially since the top header isn't fixed, so the open/close button isn't always visible on scrolling pages.

  • owner

Hello @danielck and thank you for your interest in using our products. This is a grate idea and we are going to try and implement it, but maybe at first we are going to add an X button on the sidebar (at the top of the sidebar), to be a bit more intuitive. Anyways, thank you again. Best, Manu.
1 day ago

doduytu 1 day ago


  • downloaded
20 hours ago

Hello, I've bought the Material Dashboard Pro React, how can I get the "Premium Support" to ask some questions about it? Thanks!

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Why our customers appreciate us

Code Quality

Great theme. The code is written in idiomatic React using simple functions and classes (no Recompose or Ramda). Every component consists of a React component with a style object (or function), so making customizations is trivial. Because it uses other popular React libraries like React Router and React Table, you don't have to learn a new API. If you're new to Material UI, take some time to understand how the `withStyles` higher-order component works. I'd also like to point out that the documentation is amazing. For example, if they altered any code for the demo, they will tell you what lines you need to change. Definitely worth the money to support the developers - you can make a premium-looking web app with virtually no design effort on your part.

Design Quality

Nice theme , great effort

Design Quality

Is there a reason that you decided on the file structure that you use currently (where, for example, all the files such as routes, layouts, views and styles for the dashboard are spread over different directories) as opposed to having all of the dashboard code in one directory, having all the pages code in another and so on? This structure means that my team constantly needs to switch between directories and go hunting for the right files to change. It also means that we can't extract modules from one project and put them in another. Can you please make another version with the alternate file structure and give your clients the choice as to which they want to pick rather than having all the people that want this seemingly superior file structure needing to do it themselves? I currently have the project rated at 4 stars for this reason and with this fix I would definitely bump that to 5 stars and recommend your products to friends, but unfortunately its going to take me a few hours to modify this to be usable unless you can do it once for all your clients. Are you able to do this for us please? It's worth trialling it on one project such as this one and seeing what your customers prefer in my opinion :)