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pedro_wickert 11 days ago

I'm working with material dashboard pro angular version

loris 4 days ago

Hi guys, first: Awesome product! Silly question thus, does the Saas files contains the color config variables? I'm a huge fan of this design, but was thinking of making the default colours a bit less flashy. Thanks in advance for your answer! LG

  • owner

Hi, Loris! Thank you for your interest in our product. Yes, you can have the option to change the colors like you want. You will find the steps in the documentation of this product. Regards, Dragos
4 days ago


Awesome, thanks !
4 days ago

adviesburoompoen 3 days ago

Hi, great looking admin theme you've got here! Question: can I use components from the material design UI kit,, in this admin theme? Thanks!

  • owner

Hi, @adviesburoompoen ! Thank you for your interest in our product. The basic idea is that you should keep the products separate and not try to combine them because you will load your page with too much CSS and Javascript which are not necessary in the same time. Your user will be either on a Landing Page, or on the Admin Part. If you like for example 1 item from one product, like a Card, and it is not in the other product, you can check in the next example how to do that using the SCSS files. Just follow the next steps, for the FileUpload Example: 1. You can go to material-kit/assets/sass/material-kit/_fileupload.scss and put it in the same folder structure to material-dashboard. 2. Compile again the assets/sass/material-dashboard.scss SASS using Koala (make sure you set the output path to assets/css/material-kit.css). 3. Move the library for the file upload from material-kit/assets/js/jasny-bootstrap.min.js to the same folder in material-dashboard and then everything should work fine in the Dashboard. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. Regards, Dragos
1 day ago

reeeal 20 hours ago

Hi ... just want to ask if everything is fine with the _variables.scss? You start in line 89 with //** but don't close it with */

  • owner
3 hours ago

Hi, @reeeal ! Yes, everything is working fine. Did you encountered any problem with these variables? Regards, Dragos

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Design Quality

I love this template! I've combined the SCSS files for this and the Material Kit Pro within my Rails project and its gorgeous! Can't wait for the BS4 version so I can update both templates for my project. Keep up the great work!

Design Quality

Design Quality