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Material Dashboard

Free Bootstrap 4 Material Admin
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MIT License

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Release: 2 years ago
Update: 6 days ago

60 Handcrafted Components

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3 Example Pages

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  • downloaded
19 days ago

Hello friends. I'm planning on writing a SPA. If I load the Material Dashboard's along with Material Kit css's will it mess up some css class, or can they coexist? Thanks.

  • owner

Hello @efraim , thank you for your interest in working with our products, I just sent you an email with the details. Best, Stefan
17 days ago

  • downloaded
12 days ago

very very good administration theme ! Keep good work going :)

  • owner

Hello @mladenistic , thank you for your interest in working with our products and also for your good thoughts. Best, Stefan
12 days ago

  • downloaded
11 days ago

Hello guys, i just have a little question. So, in HTML5, how do i reduce the space between two elements, like boxes? Thank You.

  • owner

Hello @neilmverma , thank you for using our products, I will ask you to be more specific about your question, maybe you can share with us a screenshot or a link to your project. Best, Stefan
5 days ago

  • downloaded
10 days ago

is there ability to get tooltips on mouseover for points on the graphs?

khushalgnitio 8 days ago

Hello, How to open mobile sidebar menu from left side, what changes need to be done for this?

  • owner

Hello @khushalgnitio , thank you for using our products, all you have to do for having a left-side sidebar on mobile viewport, is to set class="menu-on-left" for the <body> tag. Best, Stefan
7 days ago

  • downloaded
6 days ago

Hey, I have just downloaded this and applied to my .net mvc application. I'm trying to recreate dashboard page. It kept throwing an error with JQuery. The error is 'Uncaught ReferenceError: md is not defined'. We have this code in dashboard page. $(document).ready(function () { // Javascript method's body can be found in assets/js/demos.js //md.initDashboardPageCharts(); }); How to fix this error?

  • downloaded
6 days ago

Can anyone help me? How to display this templates in SharePoint online for admin dashboard?

ntishmael 2 days ago

Please am so new to web design how do i link your admin panel to my our database

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