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  • downloaded
24 days ago

@axelut Excellent, I look forward to it.

  • downloaded
22 days ago

I really like this design, looking forward to creating a great site!

andre.ribeiro 21 days ago


  • downloaded
13 days ago

hey bro, so awesome your created. im working on free version, i have change color sidebar to blue. but i got cyan not a blue #30318B i wanna get a blue #30318B can you tell me how about it? thanks so much bro

  • owner

@syfaadty thank you for using our product. Please go to scss/md/_variables.css and you will find the $brand colors around line 27, then you add what colors you want there. You can also find other colors in _colors.scss. Please make sure you compile the material-dashboard.scss using Koala ( Best, Alex!
10 days ago

  • downloaded
11 days ago

Absolutely wonderful!!!

  • downloaded
6 days ago

Hi, The index.html file is missing in zip download

  • owner

@mehdinahvi74 thank you for using our product and sorry for the late response. The dashboard contains only examples pages which can be found in folder examples. Please let us know if we can help you with any other information. Best, Alex!
1 day ago

harshit.sidhwa 3 days ago

Hey @axelut , your product are very awesome. I'm working on free version of Material Dashboard, and stuck at a place. I want a white chart with custom colored lines and text on the chart. Can you please help me with my problem.

  • owner

@harshit.sidhwa thank you fro the kind words! For the color changes please check the assets/sass/_cards.scss line 83 where are the colors for charts text, on line 203, where are the backgrounds for the charts and on the original documentation: if you want to manipulate better the chart lines and other items that you want to do. Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
1 hour ago

  • downloaded
8 hours ago

Hey @axelut , how can i show a image in the sidebar (top left corner). If i put a image in the sidebar the collapse with the content and i can suddenly scroll but normaly the side isnt long enough to scroll. Thx for the aweosome theme.

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