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  • downloaded
13 days ago

Hi, the template is really amazing but I have a question is any way to make that html selects look like materialize selects, thanks :)

  • owner

@crazyways503 thank you for the kind words. You have 2 options: 1 use this library: https://silviomoreto.github.io/bootstrap-select/ and customize it to have the same look as our dropdowns/materialize selects. 2 get the PRO version http://demos.creative-tim.com/material-dashboard-pro/examples/forms/extended.html which already has the customizable select and you save the development time. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
9 days ago

  • downloaded
9 days ago

Hello, Thank you for this dashboard but i want to ask (how can i use this template in my project)?

  • owner

@emankullab thank you for using our product. Can you please give us more details about your project? You should add the bootstrap.css and material-dashboard.css in the head of your project and jquery, bootstrap.js and material-dashboard.js in the footer. Please check the file examples/template.html and you will see exactly what scripts and elements you need to add to your project. Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
6 days ago

  • downloaded
7 days ago

How can I add a file input?

  • owner

@janbrian.despi q7m @janbrian.despi thank you for using our product. Please use this code: <div class="form-group form-file-upload"> <input type="file" id="inputFile1"> <div class="input-group"> <input type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Simple chooser..."> </div> </div>. We will add in documentation too. Best, Alex!
5 days ago

  • downloaded
1 day ago

Is it possible for you to send me the elements of this template? That would be awesome!

  • downloaded
1 day ago

Hi, the "Daily Sales" tab from the example page does not have any data for the graph. What data format should I use to have such a graph? Thanks! BTW. The template is great!!!

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