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christianavelot 4 days ago

@moldovanst Material Dashboard is great ;) I have a problem though : I have a div and a table with lots of columns, I would like a horizontal scrollbar on the div, I put a overflow:scroll on the div, but the scrollbar is still hidden. How can I show the scrollbar ?

  • owner

Hello @christianavelot , thank you for using our products, please try to set 'overflow-x: scroll !important;' for that <div>. Best, Stefan
2 days ago

juliardiajar 2 days ago

This themes is awesome, I want to use this on my client project. Can I replace the copyright label with my own ? Thanks

  • owner

Hello @juliardiajar , thank you for using our products and for your good thoughts, you can delete the copyright label from the footer but you need to keep them in the JS and CSS files. Also, if you will create a GitHub project, you should mention us in Readme and also to keep a link to this product in this case. All the best, Stefan
2 days ago

juliardiajar 2 days ago

Cool !!!

  • downloaded
1 day ago

Hello. I am currently testing this theme but i ran into an issue when i use the table component with more than 5 columns. Its adding a link to github and creative-tim. Is this because i am using the free version?

  • owner

Hello @zena, thank you for using our products, I just reproduced your issue but everything works as expected so I will ask you to send us more details about this issue, or a link to your project. Best, Stefan
16 hours ago

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