Material Kit PRO BS3

Material Kit PRO BS3

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kencguire 5 months ago

I keep getting compile issues like this one E:\WebSite>gulp compile-scss [05:05:21] Using gulpfile E:\WebSite\gulpfile.js [05:05:21] Starting 'compile-scss'... Error in plugin 'sass' Message: assets\scss\core\mixins\_buttons.scss Error: argument `$color` of `darken($color, $amount)` must be a color Backtrace: assets/scss/core/mixins/_buttons.scss:170, in function `darken` assets/scss/core/mixins/_buttons.scss:170, in mixin `bmd-raised-button-variant` assets/scss/core/mixins/_buttons.scss:210, in mixin `bmd-raised-button-color` assets/scss/core/_buttons.scss:22 on line 170 of assets/scss/core/mixins/_buttons.scss >> $focus-border: darken($border, 12%); -----------------^

  • owner

Hi, @kencguire ! Thank you for using our product. Please tell us if you the BS3 version or the BS4 version of this product. Regards, Dragos
5 months ago

hellocheeky 27 days ago

Hey. I'm interested in buying this material kit for BS3. I have to get the design/screens signed off in an Adobe XD prototype. does it include a vector UI kit for XD, or just the front end dev kit for browsers?

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