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pkushwah758 19 days ago


pkushwah758 19 days ago

can i download free template with minisiderbar ?

  • owner

Hello @pkushwah758 , thank you for your interest in working with our products, you can find the sidebar only for the Material Dashboard and only the Pro version can have a minimized sidebar. All the best, Stefan
12 days ago

alijam90 13 days ago

Hi, i see u guys have mobile app themes as well in your Dribbble but i cant find any mobile app theme in your website

michelant 12 days ago

Hi! Love this design! Kudos :) Is there any way to make the default header smaller? Like for example the profile-page? Regards, Michel

  • owner

Hello @michelant , thank you for using our products and for your good thoughts. You can easily make the headers smaller just by adding the "header-small" class to it. Best, Stefan
9 days ago

  • downloaded
6 days ago

i want to create left menu bar , i cannot find sample. thank you.

  • owner

Hello @andiusnadi , thank you for using our product, all you have to do is to set for the <body> tag the "menu-on-left" class. The modification will be visible only for the responsive screens. All the best, Stefan
6 days ago

  • downloaded
6 days ago

Hi - I added Material Kit Dashboard to my cart then it offered Material Kit Pro at 50% off below the cart, but when I click to add that, it comes up full price. I couldn't find a pre-sales email address to contact you, so apologies for adding as a comment.

  • owner

Hello @mgirl , thank you for your interest in working with our products, if you will add the Material Kit PRO into your cart, then, the next product (Material Dashboard PRO) will be half priced. Best, Stefan
5 days ago

irabba 2 days ago

Hi, I am working on a project that requires, among other things, two important features: 1. RTL support 2. Drag-able widgets on the dashboard. Kindly let me know if argon theme supports the mentioned features. If not, can you please suggest other themes that supports them? Thank you

  • owner

Hello @irabba , thank you for your interest in working with our products, we have RTL Support on many of our Dashboard Products templates (e.g. Unfortunately, we don't have yet the draggable widgets. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. All the best, Stefan
2 days ago

  • downloaded
3 hours ago

Hi I want to use my pro version with different color set. Therefore I found a documentation for build tools. Unfortunately it is not working on my Windows 10 PC? Gulp open-app was not working. Then I installed gulp with "npm i nstall --global gulp-cli", so it was working. But with gulp compile:scss there was another error: "Task 'compile:scss' is not in your gulpfile". Please can you help me? Best regards Peter

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