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  • Components · 1000
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phelys 1 month ago

all icons of are included if I buy the pro version?


@phelys thank you for your interest in working with our product. Nucleo Icons full package contains 22.000 icons and it is having a bigger price than our UI Kit, please check them here: In Now UI Kit we are offering 100 icons, just a preview of the full package. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
1 month ago

paul.c 1 month ago

@axelut - You mentioned a while back that the PSD package would be ready soon. Can I pick that up? Looking for HTML+PSDs - Likely developer version. Thanks, P


@paul.c we are working on the Bootstrap 4 Beta, it is 99% done, we will release it on Monday, that version will contain also the PSD package. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
1 month ago


@axelut - Amazing. I'll keep checking back today to see when you upload. I'm definitely in for a developer license :)
1 month ago


@paul.c it was update :D
29 days ago

kevin.johnson 1 month ago

now-ui-kit-pro - navbar-toggler I'd like to always display the mobile menu button, no matter the screen size. Possible? Thanks


Anonymous Tim thank you for using our product. At this moment, this feature is not implemented. We will do on Monday the Bootstrap 4 Beta update and we will see if that is working as you expect. From what we understand from their docs: it seems to work like that. We will see and come back with an answer. Best, Alex!
1 month ago

dsf6go 1 month ago

Two questions... - Any update on when the Bootstrap 4 Beta (Now UI Kit Pro version) will be released? - I did an npm install of the now-ui-kit package and it installed an old version (v1.0.1) Is there any way to upgrade it to v1.1.0?


@dsf6go the npm is working only for the Free version, we will do an update to v1.1.0 there too. For the other case, we are talking via support, I've seen you opened an issue there. Keep in touch soon :D
29 days ago


Thanks! Just sent you a followup via the support ticket.
29 days ago

vinze 1 month ago

3 questions: 1. just considering buying the theme - but need it for angular. When will it be available? 2. can we start on a different theme of yours which already exists with angular and bootstrap 4 and then "just switch" to NOW UI, once it is finished? 3. are there sketch files available? I read it in the description, but did not see the "sketch-logo" anywhere. 4. how "separated" are the concerns if we include other e.g. ng2 or also bootstrap 3 components e.g. from here Will that collide with NOW UI?


@vinze thank you for your interest in working with our product. For 1 and 2: There is an Angular 4 version of our Paper Kit 2 Free: Taking into consideration that both products have almost the same structure, I think you will be able to move the design from NUK to PK2Angular. At this moment we are working for PK2 Pro Angular and hopefully, we will release it in a couple of weeks. Then we will start to work for NUK. 3. Yes there are Sketch files built by our partners from Pixels Vibe: If you get that package we will also offer the PSD for Free. 4. W recommend you work with Bootstrap 4 elements, not Bootstrap 3, and adding other elements from other products shouldn't collide with our product. In a good case scenario, if they respected the Bootstrap 4 structure you will have automatically the design converted from our Now UI Kit. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
29 days ago

kevin.johnson 22 days ago

Could you please try visiting using IE 11? Then reduce the size of IE 11 to the size of small phone and toggle the side nav. The animation for navbar-toggler does not seem right, I only end up with a single horizontal line, instead of an X. If you can duplicate, any suggestions to correct?

  • owner

Hi, @kevin.jonathan ! Thank you for using our product. Yes, you have right there is a problem with that X, but the problem is that IE 11 doesn't support the property " transform ". We will fix this in the next update and we will let X on the IE 11 like he is without any transform property. Regards, Dragos
18 days ago

yakumo25 5 days ago

Can i add bootstrap notification plugin on this template?? Thank you in advanve.

  • owner

Hi, @yakumo25 ! Thank you for using our product. Yes, you can add the bootstrap notifications plugin in this template. Regards, Dragos
5 days ago

muhammadridha.fahlawy 3 days ago

Why this one doesn't have page builder like rubik template that can be copied into template.html file?

  • owner

Hi, @muhammadridha.fahlawy ! There's one idea we haven't considered yet to have a page builder for this product but we will implement and we will do an update with this in the next period. Thank you for your idea. Regards, Dragos
3 days ago


Hi @dragosct thank you for your attention. In this template, there is template.html page. How to use the page?
2 days ago


is there any admin page to maintain website into the dynamic one? Sorry for the question, i'm newbie in this. :) Thank you.
2 days ago

  • owner

Hi @muhammadridha.fahlawy ! The template.html page is ready-made for you and when I said ready it means that you don't need to import any css or javascript and you just can start to implement your project. If you want an admin page we also have the Now UI Dashoard for this. Regards, Dragos
2 days ago

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