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Learn more about Now UI Kit PRO in the light demo version. It has features from the full version. We hope you will like this introduction to this product!

What is in Demo?
  • Components · 50
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  • Examples Pages · 3
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What is in PRO Version?
  • Components · 1000
  • Plugins · 7
  • Example Pages · 11
  • + Documentation
  • + SASS Files
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ivan44 10 days ago

Does the product have a color scheme theme picker ? Something like a primary and secondary color theme picker ?


@ivan44 thank you for your interest in our product. We have a primary color (orange) which is visible on all the elements which have that class. You just need to manually update that color with anything that matches your brand and then compile again the style, we have a tutorial in the documentation on how to do that, it's very easy. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
8 days ago

beanmandude 9 days ago

Hi there! So do I get a PSD for the Now UI Kit when I purchase the PRO Personal License? Or do I have to purchase the Developer License to get the PSD?


@beanmandude thank you for your interest in our product. The Photoshop files are not ready yet, we are working on them. They are also coming in a different package, HTML + PSD, which has a different price, around 119$. The PSD will be released next week. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
8 days ago

denorm 9 days ago

This is AMAZING, by far the best adaptation of Bootstrap (especially Bootstrap 4) I've ever seen. Really beautiful design, careful attention to all the details. I bought another of your themes but have to switch! However, I'm building a Vue app, was wondering if you will have JS framework versions like you do for some of the dashboard themes? If so, must I wait for those versions or can I switch my license to the Vue version when it comes out?


I just purchased the PRO edition. I'm really impressed. Please disregard my earlier request for a Vue version. However, we need a) more documentation and b) better templates that DO NOT include the demo.css file. Each basic templates should only include CSS needed to render itself. I've just removed demo.css and everything is broken, and I have no reference for doing basic things like a navbar. Again, this kit is awesome. Thanks!
7 days ago


@denorm thank you for using our product and sorry for the late response. As a quick response to the first comment, yes, we will have Vue.js version of this UI Kit and also of the Now UI Dashboard. Now for the second comment, please check the documentation here: https://creativetimofficial.github.io/now-ui-kit-pro/#/components?ref=nuk-pro-doc and for the demo.css case, can you please send us a link to something that you build and was broken by removing that file? We did tests and everything seems to work fine on our side. Best, Alex!
5 days ago

denorm 5 days ago

@axelut my point is that I think ideally each template in examples/ should only include extra CSS that is required for that specific template, rather than having a huge demo.scss file that has css for ALL the templates. Also I think you could organize the img directory into sub-directories. Otherwise everything is great, really nice and clean, thanks.


@denorm yes, that makes perfect sense! We will do that when we are doing a bigger structure update in a next release. Best, Alex!
2 days ago

kauthonk 2 days ago

Hey, is this bootstrap 4 beta or bootstrap 4 alpha. Also what premium themes are bootstrap 4 beta.


@kauthonk at this moment, it is on Bootstrap 4 Alpha. We are working for BS4 Beta at this moment. The Free version: https://www.creative-tim.com/product/now-ui-kit is built on Bootstrap 4 Beta. Hope this information helps. If you get it in Alpha you will get a free upgrade. Best, Alex!
5 hours ago

beanmandude 2 days ago

We just bought this theme and we love it so far! Easy to use with the sections and components included. However, I was wondering, is there a photo gallery section? My client needs one and I don't see any galleries included.


@beanmandude thank you for the kind words! We are glad you are happy with the product. We used this gallery: http://photoswipe.com/ in another product (http://demos.creative-tim.com/paper-kit-2-pro/presentation.html) and it was working very very nice. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
4 hours ago

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