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  • downloaded
3 months ago

Alex, When implementing the Fixed Navbar, when the left-side navigation pane is collapsed the Fixed Navbar at the top of the page fails to expand to the left with the rest of the page. Am I missing something? Thanks, J Bishop

  • owner

Hi, @jerrodishop ! Thank you for using our products. Please tell us if you followed these instructions from the following link to achieve the fixed navbar Regards, Dragos
3 months ago

jameserald 2 months ago


khairelfarish 1 month ago

Hi, for the demo version. Is there any chances to edit Top Right pop up welcome message? 'Welcome to Paper Dashboard....'

  • owner

Hi, @khairelfarish ! Thank you for using our products. You can also edit from the assets/js/demo.js. Regards, Dragos
1 month ago

ellaherilynamos 14 days ago

Is there plan to update this on Bootstrap 4? I thought this was 4 :(

  • owner

Hi, @ellaherilynamos ! Thank you for your interest in our products. This is an BS 3 product you are right, but we have already a BS4 product. Please see this link Regards, Dragos
13 days ago

jego031 2 days ago

Does dashboard have modal?

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