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Premium Angular Bootstrap 4 UI Kit


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Release: 1 month ago
Update: 28 days ago
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160 Handcrafted Components

9 Customized Plugins

18 Example Pages

Bootstrap Based


Fully Responsive

Product certified by: Creative Tim

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Learn more about Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular in the light demo version. It has features from the full version. We hope you will like this introduction to this product!

What is in Demo?
  • Components · 16
  • Plugins · 3
  • Examples Pages · 3
  • -
  • -
  • -
What is in PRO Version?
  • Components · 160
  • Plugins · 9
  • Example Pages · 18
  • + Documentation
  • + SASS Files
  • + Photoshop Files
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8 Web Developers commented on this product

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benjamin.horn 1 month ago

So excited. Will review asap.

andylin68 1 month ago

Hello there, I purchased the Big Bundle on Black Friday, how can I get this item in my Download list? Thank you and awsome template!


@chelaru_ciprian : Waiting for a day and still there's no response. Seriously?
1 month ago

  • owner

Hi, @andylin68 ! Sorry for the late response, we are not working on the weekend. All our customers who got the November bundle will receive a 50% discount for the all the products that are in the future bundle like the December bundle which contains Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular. Please let us know when you want to get the product and we will send you the coupon. All the best, Ciprian.
29 days ago


Hello back @chelaru_ciprian , please correct me if I wrong. Another guy of your team had a different answer from here: I took a screenshot for those comments, you can take a look on Imgur ( As I understand, I should get a free license for this template if I purchased the Big Bundle. Waiting for your reply. Thank you!
28 days ago


Hi @chelaru_ciprian , I completely understand your situation and as a software developer, I also share same thought with you. Thank you again for your kindness and I will continue support your future products :)
28 days ago

  • owner

Hi, @andylin68 ! Yes, you're right, we used to give all the release premium products with the general Big Bundle. We added the PK2PRO Angular on your account as we promised to the other customer. We are doing some changes to the Big Bundle policy as that this is not sustainable in the long run. For example, if you paid 49$ on Black Friday for products that cost 1,260$ and receive all our future released products for free, then there will be 0 revenue for us and we will not be able to give you free support, free updates and new products. That's why we decided to split the Bundles into months, so if you buy the November bundle which has 14 products, when we release 2 new products in December you will get a discount. Hope this makes sense. Please let us know if we can give any other information. Best, Ciprian!
28 days ago

malik.dixon51 27 days ago

@chelaru_ciprian. I have purchased the PaperKit in November. Do I get the 50% discount on the Angular 2 PaperKit? Thank you for your response.


@malik.dixon51 thank you for using our products. Just sent you the coupon. Please let us know if everything is fine. Best, Alex!
20 days ago

malik.dixon51 18 days ago

@axelut.alex : Love working with your products. Still looking for your coupon to purchase the Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular product. Greatly appreciated


@malik.dixon51 I've sent an email with that. Did you receive it? I've also added some credits to your account. Best, Alex!
14 days ago

malik.dixon51 14 days ago

@axelut , I did not receive the email message, however, I did receive the credits for the discount of this product. Thank you so much and have a happy New Year. Malik W. Dixon, M.S.


@malik.dixon51 thank you for the info. Glad that you got access to it. Wish you the best for 2018! Alex!
12 days ago

aaronbmoore 7 days ago

Should this page in the docs--> work in collapsed mode. i.e. the Nav Menu doesn't drop down when collapsed on your docs page.

unclezen 5 days ago

@axelut , I am curious to know whether the Paper Kit 2 or Paper Kit 2 Pro has side menu similar to the one found at: Thanks!

sanjay49k 4 days ago

Can I get the demo of this product? Just want to see before making a purchase (SaaS version)

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