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Paper Kit 2 PRO

Premium Bootstrap 4 UI Kit
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ansierras 25 days ago

Hello. I like this product very much and am considering buying it. I am having a bit of trouble understanding the two different licenses, although I already read through the whole document. If I am creating a platform in which people sell stuff on it, and I am charging them a fee out of every sale, do I need the developer license? Thanks for your help!


@ansierras thank you for your interest in our product. Yes, if you are charging people for using the platform you will need a Developer License. We have a program where you can buy the Personal License to develop your website without any issues. You can use the Personal License till you get enough revenue from your customers to upgrade to Developer License. The upgrade will consist of paying the difference from Personal to Developer. Sounds good to you? Best, Alex!
21 days ago

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24 days ago

When will this kit be updated to work with the beta version of Bootstrap 4?


@krissauquillo we are working on some changes at this moment because they changed a lot of things from Alpha6 to Beta1 and hopefully, we will have something by next week. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
21 days ago

jesh40 16 days ago

thats good template i love it


@jesh40 thank you for the kind words!
13 days ago

hckhanh 14 days ago

I wonder If I can integrate this UI kit with Vue.js. It's gonna take us so much time to convert all jquery code to Vue.js lifecycle.


@hckhanh thank you for your interest in our product. Sincerely we don't know how much time this will take to be converted because we didn't convert any UI Kit till now. We are working at the Now UI Dashboard for Vue.js at this moment. Then after we release that we will release the Vue.js version of Paper Kit 2 Free and PRO. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
13 days ago

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13 days ago

How to make the navbar acts like the "index.html" ? I convert PK2 Pro to twigs, everything looks fine but the navbar is troublesome. my twig file is almost exactly like the `index.html`, but navbar act like "presentation.html" ! Here is what I need: 1.At Page loaded. Navbar is transparent style. 2.When the page move up, the navbar move up also and keep hidden. 3.Until the page move down, NON-transparent navbar shows. 4. When the Hit the page top, Navbar becomes transparent again. Just acts like the "index.html", But I can not make it work, Please Help.....

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Look through the code and I Got it.... It is not about options of js plugin...It's the `.nav_up` and `nav_down` in demo.css did this.......And I removed the demo.css.......
13 days ago


@oimken glad that you found the solution. We used that behaviour just for demo purpose on the presentation page. Should we add it as a feature inside the core CSS and JS? Best, Alex!
13 days ago

  • downloaded

I think it's good idea to mention it in the docs because it's popular navbar mode. BTW: D ocuments should be little more detailed, such as sample usage of js plugin comes with the theme.
13 days ago


@oimken I understand. We are always looking to improve the products based on the feedback. So we will do some documentation updates in the next releases :D
12 days ago

dsmurrell 12 days ago

Just bought your vue.js dashboard! "Then after we release that we will release the Vue.js version of Paper Kit 2 Free and PRO." - do you have any loose ETA on this?


@dsmurrell thank you for using our products. Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA for the new Vue.js Products because we didn't start that development. Usually, a new product takes around 1-2 months of dev. We will keep you posted when we have new details. Best, Alex!
10 days ago

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