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akshat.uppal 14 days ago

Can I get a trial version of this ? If yes I'll be glad.


@akshat.uppal yes, please check it here: https://www.creative-tim.com/product/paper-kit-2 Let us know if you have any feedback. Best, Alex!
14 days ago

samais 10 days ago

Could anyone tell me how I'd go about taking elements of this pack and creating a wordpress theme from it?

acanis87 9 days ago

Your work is really amazing - actually I dont have a use case for this, but Iam really thinking about buying it *haha*. How is the blog part working? Is it a custom CMS, do you use wordpress, do I have to "code" the blog entrys or does it use your dashboard-stuff?!


Hey, this is HTML, so none of the buttons actually work. You'd have to code the blog system yourself.
7 days ago


@acanis87 @ewanoreck11 thank you for your interest in our product. Paper Kit 2 PRO is a regular HTML/CSS/JS template built on top of Bootstrap 4. It doesn't have any CMS/Wordpress part. If you want to integrate it in Wordpress you need to manually add it to your Wordpress product as any regular HTML Template. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
4 days ago

shaidur1995 9 days ago



@shaidur1995 hello :D
4 days ago

squallx 9 days ago

Hi, Beautifull work. Is it planned to realize a version with Vue.js or Angular ?


@squallx thank you for the kind words! Yes, we have in plan to release Vue.js, Angular and ReactJS versions for Paper Kit 2 PRO. We will start working for Angular in a couple of days. We will send emails when the versions will be launched. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
4 days ago

pknowls 7 days ago

Awesome stuff. Are there sketch files with this kit?


@pknowls thank you for the kind words. We are working on the Photoshop version at this moment. After that, we will start working on the Sketch. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
4 days ago

u812 3 days ago

What an awesome product! Within the documentation, it would be helpful if the list of components were in alphabetical order.


@u812 thank you for the feedback. We will do this on a next release, I'm sure it will be easier for users to follow the documentation. Best, Alex!
1 day ago

denis.gitongawtk 2 days ago

This is an awesome product. Interested in getting one. But I have a query, what is missing in the personal that is in the developer package?

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